Best Clippers For Bald Men 2022

Best Clippers For Bald Men

The best balding clipper is known for its universal functionality and as such can be used either personally or professionally.

A good balding clipper shouldn’t only cut through the hair but should be safe for use, ergonomic in handling and also provide complete control, and most importantly gives surgical precision. A clipper like the Wahl Professional 8110 model is perfect for that purpose.

Best Clippers for Bald Men 2021

This review will feature the best clippers available in the market, touches the guides and considerations you must observe before purchasing a clipper.


What you Should Know Before Buying a Clipper

It is important for you to know some of the certain conditions a clipper is subjected to before purchasing it—this will aid you to make a good purchase.


The Cutting Length of the Clipper

Whether you are using your bald clipper for personal or professional, it is important that you consider the cutting length. Are you trying to completely shave your hair bald or a kind of fading cut?

A clipper must be able to give you either of the styles in question because the human mind changes a lot. Such a clipper is the type that can cut down to a surgical level.

More importantly, a clipper should have guide attachments that can give you various lengths in control especially when you are not ready to cut your hair down to the skin level.


The Motor Power

There are 3 types of motors for a clipper namely:

  • Electromagnetic Motor.
  • Pivot Motor.
  • Rotary Motor.

Elaboration on The 3 Types of Motors


Electromagnetic Motor

This is popular in barbers’ shops. The motor has a high-speed blade which drastically reduces the chance of tugging, or pulling of your hair while you aim at giving a perfect smooth-cut. This motor is ideal for fades.

Pivot Motor

Pivot motor is normally found in trimmers such as the Andis trimmers and has a lower blade speed compared to the magnetic motor.

What this means in the actual sense is that such a motor is good for people with thick hair and mostly found in hair trimmers rather than hair clippers.

You may want to consider this factor before purchasing a clipper or trimmer. Remember, trimmers are mostly associated with beards. Don’t use pivot motors on your head as they can cause tugging or choppy results.

Rotary Motor

This motor has a balanced approach to speed—variable motor and blade speed. The rotary motor is mostly found in consumer market products rather than in barbershops, they have a short lifespan and that disqualifies them for heavy-duty.

You may still go for a rotary motor if you don’t often cut your hair. Maybe you cut your hair once a week, rotary motor is ok.

The Blade Width

You must find a perfect blade width for your clipper and that lies between efficiency and the ability to navigate the surface.

If you select a wide blade clipper, it allows cutting larger portions of your hair easier but hard to get around your ear and necklines. The most ideal blade is that of a bald clipper with a width of 1.5 inches.

The Blade Teeth Nature

The blade of the balding clippers is normally fixed at the top of it. If you are aspiring for the closest cut and perfect result after the cut, look for brands that offer a shorter set of teeth and are set close together with a flat bottom.

Balding Blades are made close together unlike the standard blades that are made with gaps (Include a diagram of the balding and standard blade for demonstration).

Brands such as Wahl and Oster allow you to buy clipper blades you can customize to fit your desire. You can always purchase a blade a new blade for replacement at the range of 20 to 30 dollars.

Price of The Clipper

The price of the clipper also plays a very interesting role when it comes to selecting the best clipper for bald men. The more expensive a clipper is the best the result it gives and the longer the lifespan.


Go for a waterproof-enabled clipper so that you can use it dry and wet. A waterproof clipper is more usable compared to none waterproof that cannot be used wet. This means you will always shave after a shower.

Other Considerations

A clipper can be corded or cordless. The choice is yours but I will advise that you go for a universal clipper—meaning 2 in 1 clipper that can be used with or without a cord.


The Reviews proper


We can now look into the reviews of the products proper to know which is the best for you and why you should select any from the list.




Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper


Best Clippers for Bald Men 2021

Wahl is a great brand we all know can produce powerful clippers so featuring any of their clipper models is not a mistake.  The clipper selected is without doubt one of the best on the market and you will definitely love how it performs.

The Features of the Product

  • The clipper to be précised is meant for professional use only and as such delivers what experts expected of it.
  • The motor is electromagnetic which makes it cut twice faster compared to pivot motor clippers.
  • The cut is a surgical close cut that gives it ideal performance for quick, effortless skin and fades cut.
  • It comes with some powerful accessories that made it a perfect clipper for balding cut: 2 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blades guard for more convenient usage.

This product is the ideal clipper you should have this year. The performance is great and as you can see, people who have used it are saying great things about it. If you are up to making a good investment decision this year, this is the best time.

The Pros of the Product

  • The motor is electromagnetic thus, a great speed.
  • It does not tug or pull your hair.
  • It is durable and can do heavy duty.

The Cons of the Product

  • An old product was delivered to a customer.
  • There was a delay in delivery so take note of these lapses and ensure the brand has found a solution to stop recurrence before the next purchase.



Andis Professional Clipper for Bald Men


Best Clippers for Bald Men 2021

Andis is another brand I respect so much especially when it comes to clippers, it never comes last. The brand is accepted by a lot of people like this model and as you can see, this model is expensive and as such a great clipper for a balding hairstyle.

The Features of the Product

  • It is an ideal clipper for all-around cutting and tapering.
  • The motor is magnetic as well as comes with a powerful motor that generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute.
  • The clipper blade can be adjusted from fine to coarse size 000 to size 1 and can also be zero gapped.
  • It has a convenient thumb and exis a controlled side switch along with one hand on and off operation.
  • It doesn’t break easily and the body is made of Aluminum, and thus lasts for years.

Don’t hesitate to purchase this clipper as it will give you the super balding hairstyle you anticipate. A product of this nature will guarantee you a good investment and as such makes life convenient for you when it comes to giving a supercut.

The Pros of the Product

  • It gives one of the highest strokes in a minute
  • The motor is magnetic as such has excellent speed
  • The body is made of aluminum for lasting usage.

The Cons of the Product

  • It is too heavy for a pair of hair clipper
  • It is expensive


Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium for Bald Hairstyle

I decided to feature another Andis model since it has proven itself useful in the lower price level too. The rating is very high15, 826 ratings, a sign that it is a very powerful clipper ideal for the job it does.


Best Clippers for Bald Men 2021

The Features of the Product


  • The item is perfect at handling the contours on your face.
  • This powerful shaver is cordless and can be used wet.
  • The effortless usage of the trimmer is gotten from it 5 OZ. weight.
  • The usage is cool for all skin due to the lithium foil it is made of.
  • It gives you convenient fade styles and can cut your facial hair bald and also can do the same with your head hairs.

If you are in need of a balding trimmer that will settle the case of a balding hairstyle for you, this very one is the right answer. It doesn’t waste your time and yet works with extraordinary power—although, the motor is rotary compared to the previous clippers with electromagnetic motors.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a compactible and small-sized shaver
  • The battery lasts for 80 minutes after the charge
  • It is designed with one dimension which makes it a very specific grooming tool

The Cons of the Product

  • It doesn’t cut more than one size.



The entire product I made the reviews are super powerful when it comes to balding hairstyle but one common thing about them is that they are also universal so not restricted to bald hair alone. If you are looking forward to getting the best clippers or shavers for that powerful hairstyle you have been anticipating, this is the right time to select the best for yourself.


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