Best iPods To Buy In 2022 And Beyond

Best iPods To Buy In 2022 And Beyond

Best iPods To Buy: Are Searching for the best iPods to buy, then you are just at the right place. The iPods are groups of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket devices produced, marketed, and distributed by Apple Inc. Before the final release of iOS 5, iPod brandings were used to complement the media player of the iPhones and iPads, which are the basic components of the Music and Videos apps on the iPod Touch.

The most preferred iPod for people is unarguably the iPod Touch, a brand designed by Apple Inc, it comes in different models. It has many amazing features such as a nice screen, better battery quality, good audio resonation, and lots more. It also offers many smart features and music playback such as the iPod Shuffle which helps clip the device to clothing. This product is very portable and light which makes it a great choice for joggers and gym-goers. This article is an independent research work that is tested and trusted, and we recommend the following as the best iPods anyone should buy in 2022 and beyond.


 Apple iPod touch (7th Generation)

Best iPods To Buy In 2021 And Beyond

This is one of the latest and greatest iPod touches that delivers a powerful A10 Fusion processor, a crisp screen, among many other features. It has an inbuilt speedy A8 processor and has the M8 motion processor useful in tracking and physical activity. Like the new iPod touch model, there are lots of improvements on the previous generation by upgrading the specs with a strong and durable A10 Fusion chip. This enables it to compete consistently with the iPhone 7. 

It has a 4-inch screen display of 1136 x 640 resolution which offers it a crisp 326 pixels per inch. This undoubtedly makes the Apple iPod touch (7th Generation) a perfect choice for individuals who like watching music videos, seeing YouTube movies, streaming on Netflix, etc. Another interesting thing about this model is that it allows for easy navigation of song titles and enhances fast and smooth web pages. In terms of games, the iPod touch (7th Generation) takes the lead because it offers a decent level of games compared to other devices.

In addition to this, it also has an 8MP rear camera for taking classic pictures especially if you are not with your phone. There is also a 1.2MP front camera for taking selfies and video chat. On the aspect of storage capacity, the device capacity is built to give you a lot of space (32GB, 128GB, and 256GB) to handle your Apps, Videos, Games, Music, Pictures, etc. The battery capacity is magnificent and has high durability. The price ranges from $195 to $200 depending on the store. So if you’re looking for an iPod to use in 2022 and beyond, consider the Apple iPod Touch (7th Generation).


 Apple iPod touch (6th Generation)

The 6th-generation iPod touch is another best option for individuals who like something very portable and light. It is the most preferred and best handheld media player and Internet device in the non-phone category that has ever been designed. The Apple iPod 6th generation practically incorporates all the strengths and energy of the 5th generation model. It has lots of amazing features such as the 4-inch Retina Display screen, FaceTime App for video calls, fast Internet connectivity, and most importantly, it has App Store support. All these features are features found in the 5th Generation but they upgraded in the 6th generation iPod.

This version of the iPod has a good A8 processor. In addition to that, it also has an M8 motion processor. These tools track movement and physical activity. The 8MP back camera enhances image quality and you can use the 1080p HD recording for slow-motion video making. The sophisticated device has a storage capacity of 128GB for keeping your videos, games, music, etc. The battery quality is unique, it is one of the best iPods to buy in 2022 and beyond. It is sold for about $186.




 Apple iPod nano

The Apple iPod nano is the best non-iOS iPod. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a low-budget but good quality smart device. The features include a 16GB storage capacity, a lightning connector, and 2.5-inch screen, a home button. It is sold at about $209. However, some features had been removed because the Apple iPod nano is considered to be a 6th generation iPod that took a step back from the current 7th generation iPods. The size is relatively small and it is very portable. 

There are many buyers for whom the iPod nano is their best option. It is similar to touch but very portable and can be carried anywhere. Like we said earlier, if you are looking for a small iPod to use at the gym, then iPod nano may be the best option. Furthermore, be reminded that although it has a screen, it does not run iOS. The main feature that distinguishes the iPod nano from the iPod Shuffle is the 2.5-inch multi-touch display. This is the feature that helps the iPod nano to support other Applications that broaden its appeal. In terms of Music, the iPod nano is well built to create Genius mixes on the mode by a single press of a button while a song is playing; this will open a playlist from your library immediately to see similar songs. 

You can also save your pictures on the iPod nano. It has an inbuilt FM radio app which makes it easy to get the latest music, news, or sporting events around you. Another Interesting feature is Bluetooth. It has Bluetooth which you can listen to your sounds wirelessly through a Bluetooth headphone.


 Apple iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is one of the best 4th network devices. However, it will never be compared to the top iPods of the 7th generation. It has lots of limitations that discourage its daily utilization. However, it is designed so that it will look attractive to the eye, and thus, many users do love it. It is best used in places like the gym or when running because it can be clipped to the clothes. It doesn’t have a screen and it has limited features. The Shuffle is a better device for people who love sports because it is very affordable, strong, and can clip to clothes. The VoiceOver feature further makes it more attractive to people and music enthusiasts.

 This particular type of iPod is synonymous with the ones we had in our late 90s. The storage capacity is just about 2GB and it has a strong battery capacity. For low-income earners, this iPod can be a better choice because it is relatively cheap, just about 0.44 ounces.

In many instances, the iPod Shuffle is closely similar to the original iPod because it focuses more on playing audio. The previous version lacked screens, but the later version has some voice-over features like reading the track or audiobook’s name and giving you a chance of choosing which one you want to play without a touchscreen in sight. What this means is that you can have many playlists on the iPod without having to return to your iTunes library. 


Apple 16 GB iPod touch

This is another fascinating iPod to buy as an individual, however before paying for this smart device, kindly go through these descriptions and know the essential features you need in such a device. Apple 16 GB iPod touch is a 6th Generation iPod touch and it is good in all aspects apart from one thing, which is space. It has a very small space. The larger games can take up to 4GB space while Video recording takes up to 7GB or more. 



In summary

Having discovered the various merits and features that each model offers, we believe that we’ve shed a little more light on the topic. Although we know that there will be some similarities between these devices, we understand that each of the devices is unique in its way to occupy its place on the menu. 

The touch–it is a very nice device, but it is a little bit expensive. The advantage it has over others is that it is regarded as the entry point to the Apple world for teenagers who want to communicate with friends and see the latest videos on YouTube, play trending music, etc.

The nano– Due to its small size, this was an excellent iPod for younger children, especially those who prefer a svelte device with more capacity than a Shuffle. 

iPod Shuffle – This is undoubtedly the best option for sports lovers because it is very affordable, strong, and can clip to clothes. The VoiceOver feature further makes it more attractive to people and music enthusiasts.

We believe that this article has been of great help to you and also serves as a guide towards acquiring a device that will ultimately suit your taste and satisfaction. 

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