10 Best MOBA Games For PC You Should Play

Best MOBA Games For PC – Detailed Review And Analysis

There are over 20 MOBA games to play on your PC. However, we have decided to select the best MOBA games that will suit your fancy. As players, we know them well; we have played them and can testify that they will worth your. 


What Does MOBA stand for?

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA occupies a large proportion of the player base originally generated from real-time strategy games. Blizzard has played an essential role in the history and popularity of MOBA games. With their groundbreaking “StarCraft” and “Warcraft” versions (especially “Warcraft III”), they laid the foundation for more interactive and custom content. People use the creator’s toolkit and modify them through game editing programs and only experience them individually by exchanging palettes and game sprites. 


Which MOBA Games Are The Most Interesting Games? Check Out The List Of Best MOBA Games In 2021


1. Smite

best moba games
best MOBA games

Smite was released in 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios. Smite is a game that allows players to play the role of a god or goddess from a third-person perspective and then fight with others. People’s bet on this game currently has a million dollars in e-sports funds.



2. Heroes of the Storm

best MOBA games

Blizzard first appeared on the list of “Heroes of the Storm 2015”. It is released for MS Windows and also for Mac. Blizzard avoids calling Heroes of the Storm a MOBA; instead, they call it a “hero warrior.” They are not wrong because heroes of the Storm is one of their favorite Blizzard characters.

Who are the actual characters in the video game? Tracer, Genji, Gul’dan, Leoric, and 85 other amazing characters. My best character is The Butcher. When I was young, I was afraid of using him to fight, but now I can use his evil power to defeat my enemies.

Again, the jackpot is huge; the prize pool for the previous game was $1,000,000. With the battle of Blizzard.Net, players engage in fierce 5v5 battles on 15 different maps. It even includes mounts familiar to World of Warcraft players. This is one of the best MOBA games right now, and it’s worth a try in the future.




3. League of Legends

best moba games
best MOBA games

This is also known as LoL, or you can use the full name; League of Legends. It was developed by Riot Games in 2009 and is available for Windows and Mac. Ancient Defense, or DotA, directly inspired this game. I like League of Legends because every player has their skills, and they participate concurrently.

This means that all players start from the same base, allowing players to move on and acquire better skills and items. League of Legends has a detailed background story and original fantasy settings around different heroes. This is what I like about the LoL as compared to other MOBA games.

The goal of the game is to destroy the contacts of the opposing team. You must fight in a variety of character types, from terrifying horror to steampunk. Riot Games is very active in game development, and they even have their e-sports league: League of Legends Championship Series.

The prize pool for the 2021 World Cup will be over 2.13 million US dollars. The game time varies, sometimes as long as 45 minutes, but the player’s trading time is close to 30-35 minutes. There are currently 143 heroes in the game, divided into seven professions: Controller, Warrior, Mage, Archer, Assassin, Tank, and Expert.




4. Dota 2

best moba games
best MOBA games

MOBA creator Dota 2’s sequel was released in 2013 and is available for PC, Linux, and OS X. It’s not just a beautiful coat of paint on the existing engine; it’s a massive update using the Source 2 engine, where players can control their “hero” or player character and fight other players, usually two teams of 5 people very common in MOBA. As with other similar games, your goal is to defeat other players while collecting loot.

Dota 2 is known as the best MOBA and one of the best games ever and should not be taken lightly. I understand why the gameplay is very beneficial and directly addictive. Grandpa’s MOBA sequel is one of the best. Of course, Dota 2 has an incredibly large-scale competitive gaming environment. In this well-designed environment, tournaments and leagues from all over the world compete with each other.

Valve is the largest in Seattle. In 2018, the Dota 2 prize pool was as high as $25,532,177, distributed among multiple teams of network athletes from all over the world. The first place in the International Dota 2 Championship is the OG team, which won a huge share of the prize pool: $11,234,158 out of 5 participants.

The game can last up to 45-50 minutes. I read about the experience of a player participating in a two-hour arduous game that took a lot of energy to complete the game. I can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs, man! 





best MOBA games

Strife was released for Linux and Windows in 2015 and was developed by a California game studio called S2 Games. What immediately caught my attention on Strife and S2 Games was that their goal was to prevent toxicity in the gaming community, which I thought could become authoritarian and offensive.

They downgraded “New Hero” to Strife to attract more casual MOBA gamers. Let the players of the two teams fight each other; the main goal is to destroy the structure of the opposing team. The structure named “The Crux” reminds me of Nexus in League of Legends. Players choose a hero to accompany during the game, usually about 30-40 minutes, and can upgrade this hero outside the game and gain experience points in the process.



6. Vainglory

best MOBA games

Vainglory describes itself as “an uncompromising multi-platform MOBA” and is listed as the first mobile-based MOBA in the best MOBA list. Vainglory was initially released for iOS and Android devices in 2014 and 2015 and is currently in the alpha stage on Windows and Mac. Super Evil Megacorp wrote ” Vanity” and originally appeared in the Apple iPhone 6 announcement to showcase the hardware, software, and graphics capabilities of your (at the time) new device.

Ultimately, the player’s goal is to control the path between his base and the opponent’s base. You can risk giving way by avoiding AI towers and other monsters or competing with them for resources and helping your team win. This is a cross-platform name, which means that players can play the same game at all three different starting points. That’s why I like this game. It should have become an indispensable part of the world of video games.

The heroic version of the game “Vanity” is called “Avatar,” and the player controls it together with the other four team members. The goal is to create space for the enemy’s tower and destroy the “Vanity Crystal.” This should take 20-30 minutes on average, making the game relatively fast compared to MOBA such as Dota 2.

Currently, players can choose from 48 different avatars and immerse themselves in a beautifully rendered world with detailed shadows and textures. The number of original avatars? Seven! I must commend Super Evil Megacorp for their commitment to update this game and use their experience to program this influential cross-platform game.




7. Arena of Valor

best moba games
best moba games

This is adapted from the Chinese version of MOBA King of Glory. It was released in Taiwan in 2016. It was gradually released on mobile devices in different countries worldwide and finally ended with a global sale. On Nintendo Switch in September 2018, “Arena of Valor” was released by Tencent Games, the world’s largest video game company.

They are from China and mainly focus on online games, especially Playe unknown’s Battlegrounds. After turning to League of Legends developer – Riot Games, the company started to develop Tencent games and asked if they could convert one of his games to mobile devices. However, it is only applicable to non-mobile platforms because mobile devices will affect the integrity of gameplay and graphics.

Players will act as heroes and choose 78 characters. They range from interesting people like Wisp, the little boy who controls the robot, to the actual Chinese historical figure Lu Bu (albeit very fictitious) in the Three Kingdoms period. This game is called “the king of handheld games” and has more than 200 million players.




8. Defense of the Ancients

best moba games
best moba games

After paving the way for one of the arguably best MOBA games, the original Dota paved the way for everyone else. As Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, the mod for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne begins, in which you must team up and destroy the “ancient” of other teams or their structure in the map part. I like developers to give players access to the world editor because Blizzard allows them to create such works in their WarCfrat III.

World Editor, a mature genre and Internet phenomenon, released Dota in 2003 with the help of designers​​Eul, Steve Feak, and IceFrog. The two teams called Sentinels, and the other team called the Scourge must fight for control of the map and destroy the other team mentioned earlier. Players can choose their hero, which is one of 112 possible options. It provides players with a fantastic number of representatives.

In addition to that, Players gain battle coins by destroying enemy players or other creatures, and in the process, provide their team with an advantage. This game is called “the latest real-time strategy,” and I agree. This is an evolution of the RTS game style, and it does open up opportunities like playing cards and player creativity. They freely control resources, time, and creative vision.




9. Mobile Legends aka Bang Bang

best moba games

Bang Bang is a mobile-friendly game, as the name suggests. Bang Bang was released exclusively for Android devices in 2016. Mobile Legends is developed by Moonton and is solely distributed in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Of course, it fits the characteristics of the best MOBA games, such as Dota and Dota 2, but this game is the first MOBA to adopt a battle royale mode, sweeping the game world.

When Riot Games (the developer of League of Legends) claimed that Moonton not only used a logo that looked too similar to the League of Legends logo but that they stole items, Moonton got into trouble. Moonton lost the case and paid $2.9 million for the crime. I Hope Moonton can recover from this setback and continue to publish more content for its games so that mobile players can continue to access mobile MOBA.




10. BattleRite

best moba games
best moba games

In Battlerite, players know their hero type: champion. The champion is divided into three attributes: attack, defense, and movement skills. The game time is much shorter than usual because the familiar MOBA elements that many players are familiar with do not exist in Battlerite.

The destruction of the structure of the opposing team, the destruction of the AI, and the disappearing AI have become a thing of the past. Stunlock wanted to focus on a fast game, and they did a good job. You will continue to build the standalone version of Battlerite and delete the free version. Perhaps this will cause Stunlock to create a new subset of MOBA or improve the MOBA type in the following form. The best MOBAs are not new to innovators, so speculating about the future is interesting.



Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, aka MOBA, has been around for a long time. The genre originated from custom games created by gamers. The first MOBA was a custom StarCraft map called Aeon of Strife, which inspired the very popular custom game Warcraft III and Ancient Defense.

Based on the original DotA, he created League of Legends and Valve Dota 2, which further spread MOBA games. With the depth of the game and the upper limit of astronomical possibilities, MOBA games are one of the most giant e-sports games in the world. We hope this article is helpful, don’t forget to like, share and comment below. 

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