Top Free Content Marketing Tools to Grow Business

Top Free Content Marketing Tools

Free Content Marketing Tools: The dream of every marketer, blogger or businessman, or woman is to find a means to take his or her business to the next level.

Imagine you are having a magic wand that can make all your wishes a reality, but this is not always possible in real life.

The available means for a marketer to boost the presence of his or her business online is not cheap at all, however; the good news is that there are tons of free SEO tools to help maximize your business conveniently and I am going to feature about 17 of them in this article.

You will find the SEO tools grouped into organized patterns below, this is to help easily observe the features of each of them appropriately.

Technical SEO Tools that are Free

Link Building Tools for free

On-page SEO Tools

Tracking, analytics, and reporting tools

Other Important SEO Tool

Technical SEO Tools for free

Identifying and managing the technical issue on your website is a crucial aspect of SEO struggle. There are some free tools to help you handle that.


Google Search Console

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE is an SEO tool that can help you identify technical issues on your website. Through it, you can see the overviews of your organic site’s performance, coverage issues, mobility issues, or any penalty placed on a particular page on your site.

Every site owner should set it up for his site if he is concerned about SEO.

What Google Search Console can offer

Here are some of the vital uses of the tool:

  • You can easily understand the performance of your website’s impressions, CTR, clicks, the average position of your keywords, the number of keywords you are ranking for and helps you plan a growth strategy.
  • You can identify URLs and crawling issues that prevent them from showing up in the Google ranking SERP.
  • Identifying coverage issues and the causes such as error 404, crawling issues, excluded pages by errors, pages that are blocked by robots.txt.
  • With this tool, you can easily submit your site map.
  • it Helps find manual and security issues on your sites.
  • Give you more insight about the backlink and internal links Google identifies with your site.
  • You can request for indexation or re-indexation of pages on yours.
  • This tool helps you inspect your URLs to know if they are index-able by Google, Bing and so on.
  • Informs Google of change in name of the domain.


  •  Why Google Search Console is Unique

  • It is the most reliable place to identify any technical issue affecting your site ranking on SERP.
  • You can easily test URLs on a page-by-page level to have good insight about how Googlebot interprets them. The user declared, the selected canonical, the last date the pages or URLs were crawled are not excluded.
  • Select it as the first place to go to diagnose any issues regarding the appearance of your site on the SERPs.


Google PageSpeed Insight 

Sight speed is not only an important ranking factor but also determines the user experience (UX) on your site. Slow pages badly represent your site on the SERP as results prevent conversions and demote your rankings. Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool is a smart way to overcome this issue.

What Google PageSpeed Insight can offer

It can be used to understand your site’s PageSpeed score and learn how to enhance it by fixing the identified issues.

It helps you easily identify the overall technical areas affecting your site speed even if you are too technical. Examples of areas of your site that can affect the speed are image load time, or server issues, including well-performing areas.



Why Google PageSpeed Insight is Unique

It gives you clear suggestions that lead to the improvement of your site and also identifies how long it can take to improve your sites.

It is a great means to quickly fix your website’s issue for an excellent performance.


Bing Webmaster Tools

After Google, Bing is the next marketing institution that is expensive to ignore while you focus on Google alone. Bing owns 25 perfect market shares in the US which makes it a big fish to chase up.

Take advantage of Bing, there is a big chance that your competitors are ignoring Bing.

What Bing Webmaster Tools can offer

You can get the entire host insight into your website using Bing Webmaster Tools. It summarizes how well your site is performing and identifies the areas that need improvement.

Bing helps you understand the experience of your users see your site precisely how users find it—this gives you clue on how to prioritize improvement, troubleshoot site issues and receive notifications and warnings from Bing.

Why Bing Webmaster Tools is Unique

Bing Webmaster Tools provide more insights about your site’s performance compared to Google Search Console.

It provides an SEO analysis tool named SEO Analyzer that gives best practice recommendations that can outperform your native robots.txt file so you can check your pages that are not ready to index.



When it comes to a tool that gives you a comprehensive insight about your site overall issues, amongst many tool kits SEMRUSH performance is excellent in that aspect.

Semrushdoes not only give you the insights about your site’s technical issue through what it calls site audit but can be used to check your domain overviews to see your site performance on Google SERP and the rest.

Why SEMRUSH is Unique

There are different premium plans on SEMRUSH SEO tools but still, there is a free plan that allows you to check your domain overviews such as the site domain authority, some few keywords it ranks for and some numbers of your organic competitors and many more.

  • You can now perform up to 10 searches per day in the SEMRUSH Domain overview analytics and Keyword analytics.
  • You don’t have to save searches after using the SEMRUSH Magic tool.
  • You have the option to create and manage a single project and each project features 12 individual tools.
  • You can as well crawl up to 100 pages of your site using the Site Audit tool that can help you find issue and opportunities regarding your website.
  • There is a limited option to crawl 25 pages of your site using SEMrush as a registered user; you can do it on the platform.
  • You can track the positions of up to 10 of your keywords in the Position Tracking tool.
  • SEMrush gives you an into of 10 SEO Strategy Units per month.


Why SEMrush is Unique

SEMrush offers keyword research, technical SEO auditing, reporting and competitive research.

The free version of SEMrush offers limited but interesting features that can give you the insight of your website.

SEMrush gives you free access to free extensions such as SEOquake and a part of paid add-on features such as the Growth Quadrant that gives you competitive landscape analysis.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

With a free account, you can crawl 500 URLs using Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This gives a reasonable amount of insight into the site’s technical issues.

What Screaming Frog SEO Spider can offer

· This is a desktop-based tool that can analyze and audit your site’s technical SEO issues. It can help find broken links and audits redirects metadata and discover duplicate content.

· The SEO tool can be used to analyze and audit both small and large websites.


Why Screaming Frog SEO Spider is Unique

· You can easily export your discoveries to a spreadsheet as a means of informing SEO recommendation, so that series of possible analyses can help develop useful strategic insights in the long-run.


Sloth SEO Tool

Slot aids you to utilize Cloudflare Workers along with their universal extensive network centres to set up 301 and 302 redirects, conduct A/B testing, implement Hreflang, modify your site’s robots.txt file and collect log files too.

What Slot SEO Tool can offer

· It offers excellent redirects and Hreflang tags solutions especially when you are working at the enterprise level.

· You can use Cloudflare workers to help execute JavaScript on the site with necessarily impacting the underlying infrastructure. Through this, you can clear any setback to get your task done.

Why Slot SEO Tool is Unique

· It aids you concerning important SEO tasks. This means you won’t have to rely on developers or encounter workaround restrictions imposed by CMS or a server.



Hreflang Tags Testing Tool

One of the most complex parts of SEO as previously mentioned by Google’s Mueller is the implementation of Hreflang but using Merkle’s Hreflang Tags Testing Tool is one sure way to make it a bit easier to check for available errors.

Whether you are implementing Hreflang tags in HTML, HTTP headers, or an XML sitemap, mistakes can be easy to make.

This free tool from Merkle lets you enter a URL, select a user agent, and test your implementation to help you spot issues and resolve them as soon as possible. 

What Hreflang Tags Testing Tool can offer

During the implementation of Hreflang tags in HTML, HTTP headers, or an XML sitemap, there could be possible mistakes.

Merkle’s free tool allows you to enter a URL, select user agent, and then test what you have previously implemented to help discover issues and then resolve them soon.

Why the Hreflang Tags Testing Tool is Unique

· You can identify your site’s issue within minutes using Hreflang implementation and understand the URLs as the focus region.

· Such issue above can be frustrating and time-consuming to diagnose but even so, if you can spot the annotations displayed in a clear format, identifying that specific incorrect tag is a bit difficult.


On-Page SEO Tool-free

WordPress now powers 35 percent of the web, this makes it an ideal CMS of choice for your website. If any SEO free tools can help you perform excellently using this platform from the On-page SEO aspect.


Rank Math

Rank Math is a powerful SEO tool that is similar to Yoast. It offers a lot of SEO solutions and the amazing thing about it is that the plugin is free.

The free version offers you insights into the on-page tactics that can help you rank your site high on the Google SERP.

What Rank Math can offer

· It helps to optimize your page titles and Meta descriptions and monitors 404 errors, creates sitemaps, and offers fresh content opportunities.

· It suggests ideal settings that can aid you in completely optimize your WordPress sites.

Why Rank Math is Unique

You get absolute control over what you use and what you ignore and this is as a result of its modular Framework that enables you to pick and select your features freely compared to some WordPress SEO plugins.




Yoast is a free SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you to optimize your site simple and straightforward for a beginner.

What Yoast SEO Plugin can offer

· Yoast is completely integrated with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. It provides you with full control over the optimization of your site for selected keywords.

· It has built-in supports that help make complex tasks such as adding structured data blocks for how-tos and FAQs easier.


Why the Yoast SEO Plugin is Unique

· With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily manage your site’s on-page optimization yourself. This makes it an ideal tool for individuals that run their own businesses.

· As soon as you enter a focus keyword on a page, Yoast with point out numerous must-fix problems and improvements to your post before hitting publish. This helps to optimize your site ranking correctly.

· It works with a basic traffic light system that indicates where improvement can be made on your page-by-page basis; this makes it a great tool to look at on your onsite optimization journey.



Free Link Building Tools for SEO

Building useful and great links involve a lot of patience but there are various ways to speed up the process with tools that ensure your productivity. Check out these tools:



Hunter Link Building Tool

Finding the correct email address for the prospect in an outreach campaign is mostly a difficult task to handle. This is where can save a lot of times on Google or Social Media. It can be used for free to find up to 50 email addresses every month.

What Hunter Link Building Tool can offer

As matter of fact, hunter provides the means for a user to find the most common email pattern for a specific domain. This helps you ensure that you are pitching the right email address. It can save you time and energy on each campaign.

Why Hunter Link Building Tool is Unique

It is unique because it ensures that each returned email comes with a reliable score based on where it was found.

This makes it an awesome way to figure out the given email structure at any given publication. You only need a name.



Haro Tool

In as much as it is like gold earning links for a press, it isn’t easy to do so at all. Link building is one of the tactics many publishers and marketers still struggle with. However, if you don’t want to waste much time at the riverbank, HARO is a great move to receive links from other journalists every day.

What HARO Tool can offer

This tool provides you with three sources request email every weekday as broken down by industry.

The tool has a request from Journalists across the bound of selected topics. Haro brings a request that aligns with your expertise this enables you to respond and share your insights.

If your link is chosen, your site will be mentioned in the picker’s next article with a link to your site.


Why Haro is Unique

Haro is an easier approach for everyone to earn beneficial links from the press just by sharing your expertise.

It may take a few minutes a day to check through the sources of requests but it returns huge opportunities to build link.

You can benefit hugely from authoritative links with just a little effort and resource even without PR experience, a team dedicated to building links, or a big budget using Haro.


Streak SEO Tools

This is a free extension for Gmail that allows you to track email opens. It is the ideal free tool that can be used for free tracking if you want to outreach many emails and gaining profitable insights that can help enhance your campaign follow-ups and re-pitches.

What Streak can offer

· This tool allows you to understand who opened your emails and the number of times they have opened them as well as the person intending to open them.

· This feature is present in many of the dedicated email outreach tools but this functionality is cheaper with Streak.


Why Streak is Unique

· With streak you can easily do a better job by organizing follow-ups when any of your prospects respond to your initial email making your outreach campaigns more personal.

· Streak allows you to see this insight in your Gmail inbox, which means they need to use separate tools that are not involved.


Free Local SEO Tools for Marketing

If your business is a small scale, it will be a bit difficult to win the local competition in terms of gathering customers. The good news is that there are free excellent tools that can help you acquire customers and maximize the visibility of your website and then drive growth on Google or Bing ranking.


Google My Business

Google my business is a free tool that is powerful when it comes to boosting the popularity of your physical business online. These tools help customers in their locations to your business listing as it appears on the Google Maps in the knowledge panel and the local pack.

What Google My Business can Offer

· Once you create and optimize your Google My Business listing, your business will appear in key locations on local SERPs.

· Google My Business will help you stand out against your competitors for local searches for opening hours, photos, videos, question and answers, reviews, and so on.]

Why Google My Business is Unique

· You will easily gain a significant competitive advantage if you put more effort and time to optimize your Google My Business listing.

· Your competitors will miss out a lot of opportunities such as adding new posts, keep questions and answers, and up to date and upload offers since they will treat your GMB listing as a set and forget listing.



Free Tracking Analytics Tools

It is very essential to track and analyze your data with the right tools. so that you can develop an effective strategy to grow your business. You need informative insights for your business growth and luckily, there are great free tools to do so.

Here are the lists of some powerful analytics tools you should know:


Google Analytics

If you need brilliant insight into the performance of your website, Google Analytics is a great free Marketer tool you should not be without. This is because it offers help for great decisions in almost every area of your strategy to grow your site.

Why Google Analytics is Unique

The feature of the analytics to report on and analyze metrics such as the number of sessions, unique visitors, and conversions will aid you in the process of developing a detailed understanding of your traffic, including the source, where it headed on your site, how it interacts with your content and where it leaves.

· Through Google analytics, you can get detailed user data such as the demographics and device usage to help organize your strategy.


Why Google Analytics is Unique

· This tool is the most cost-effective analytic tool developed by Google for the business of all types and sizes to organize their traffic generation activities.

· This is a powerful way to boost any kind of SEO strategy since it can help demonstrate success and failure through statistical evidence.



Google Data Studio

There are numerous opportunities to create an engaging SEO report on Google Data Studio. If this is your aim, take the advantage of this opportunity by utilizing interactive dashboards to visualize the site’s performance.

What Google Data Studio can offer

· Google analytics is an awesome tool for understanding the behavior of your site’s users but combining this great tool with other tools like Google Search Console handles more power to you.

· Data Studio as a tool aids in the adjustment of Google analytics with its responsive dashboards that can use multiple sources. It allows you to merge these sources as may be necessary.

· This tool is one of the most effective free tools out there when it comes to showcasing the result of your site’s marketing efforts.

Why Google Data Studio is Unique

Data studio helps you see the trends other tools cannot see and again a fantastic way to create a completely customizable and engaging report that will show you real-time data, historical comparisons, and so on.

Data studio is free so you are not spending a dime.

This tool reveals valuable relationships between your data sets—so a great tool you should have.


These SEO tools are free and at the same time very effective and powerful. All you need to make these tools work well for you is to learn how to use them well.


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