50 + Cute Funny Instagram Captions For Couples

Funny Instagram Captions For Couples: Funny Instagram Captions For Couples has been a trending topic for people. This is because social media’s the easiest way to share moments with loved ones from different parts of the world. People are always proud of sharing their pictures through Instagram. As such, there is a trend these days to make it awesome in terms of a caption.

You will find a variety of amazing Funny Instagram Captions For Couples here. Each caption comes with a funny picture that includes photos of people, places, and things. Find the perfect caption for your Instagram photos and enjoy the fun!

Funny Instagram Captions For Couples

Funny Instagram Captions For Couples
Funny Instagram Captions For Couples


  • Our relationship status is ✔️😍 🤩


  • Making a long-distance relationship work is hard, but you make it look easy. Happy anniversary.


  • Here’s to the guy who puts up with my midnight cravings – and the girl who sends him for more Milk Duds. #couplesisgoingstrong #proudtogeachtogether


  • Our tenth anniversary is around the corner. But even on our first date, you were already my favorite. 💙🎵🍂


  • 1st date: where do you want to go? 2nd date: where do YOU want to go? 3rd date: *Throws self out the window*


  • Two is better than one… right? #forevertwins #friends ##


  • A wonderful time to have a fantastic fall romance.☃❄️ #fallinlove


  • Beyond grateful for this sweet girl who makes me feel so at home. I love you. ♥️🌈 ➡️ With a 70mm lens.


  • Hello September, hello fall. Anyone else drinking pumpkin spice lattes and saying hi to a sweat-emitting fan?


  • It’s going to be a cozy fall with you. ☃️


  • Hey @wifey! I thought this coffee was good, but it could use a shot. __ #funnycouplequotes


  • Everyone else is falling in love, why can’t we? Photo by @vancitycouple #love


  • Minutes before you got here, I was daydreaming about what it would be like to see you. Now that you’re actually here, I realize I’ve already been dating you for years.❤️


  • Married life is just like Chick-Fil-A… we’re open all day, every day. 😂🌟


  • I just finished a date night with my honey. We ate at the same place we got engaged. Then, I came to work so I could Instagram the food and make it look like we partied all weekend. ⛸🍾🍻


  • Laughter is the best medicine, and you’re my all-time favorite prescription. Love you, baby!


  • Sometimes I forget just how handsome you are, so please remind me. @thebeardbrand


  • Late-night snacking with @cjcharmander_official #twinning.


  • I feel like I could just eat you up. 🍪😋


  • Two’s company, and three is a crowd. 😜☝


Cute Instagram Captions For Couples


  • The ones who want to live in a world of Instagram attractive captions for couples.


  • You make every day cozy and comfy. And just like that fox springing from the flames, you’re reminding me what a warm, loving relationship is really all about. #coupleslove


  • Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! We love you already. #truelove


  • When we kiss, it’s like a whole new world.


  • We both know that you’re my favorite person right now. 😘 Overflowing with happiness, aren’t we, babe? 


  • While the sun is still shining, let’s cook up a little romance with a romantic #dateinadrink (then tag us @coffee) 😉


  • So are we going to marry each other someday?


  • Now that you’re not an empty nester enjoy quality time with your little ones.


  • Two halves make the whole, love your neighbor and love yourself. ~Emma Thompson #friends #besties ##


  • Today is the last day of the year. It’s been fun. Thanks for all the laughter & love in my life. I wish you a Merry Christmas & a joyful new year. Have a great day with your family and friends. God bless


  • Sometimes you need to pry yourself away from the computer and go hang out with your friends #cute #couples_love


  • You’re on my mind…more than you’ll ever know. 💭😘🖍 #couplegoals


  • When you and your Valentine have become best friends.💙 #beyourownvalentine


  • I’ve got a crush on you!


  • We wish you all a very happy World Kissing Day! #Loveisintheair @CKTVNTofficial


  • The only thing better than going out on a Friday night is staying in together. ☀️🍷😎


  • Summer is #short, but it’s never too late to have fun! Whether you’re kickin’ it on the beach or poolside, make the most of this sunny season. ✌🏻✨


  • My heart is so full with my loved ones. I’m on a shooting star #weddingday #beachwedding


  • From our front porch to yours. 💕


  • Good morning to this guy😘 #goodmorning #coffee #morningslikethese


Funny Instagram Captions For Her


  • (picture captions) Insta Story Captions:


  • Caption: You know you love me. To Everyone else, I’m just her hot husband.😏


  • My cafe is my happy place 🌟 ‼️😌 This cheerful drink delivers a spectrum of energy-bursting fruits. Apple 🍎, guava 🐣, pineapple 🍍, and coconut 🥥 push the Limits. 


  • I’m at the age when old friends pass and new friends pose. #funny #drunk


  • I would’ve never guessed you were the domestic type 🔪 , but it makes sense now because that jean shirt is like a farmer’s market in spring.


  • This morning’s iced coffee = 4 pm me #whatcoffeeisprovingtoday


  • Two can play this game. __


  • If you could only grab one thing in a fire, make it your sense of humor.


  • I just feel like I have a lot of feelings about coffee.


  • As a small token of our gratitude to our beloved customers, we are giving away two rewards points per dollar that you spend in October! What’s your favorite reward? #rewards #thankful


  • Feed me cookies or feed me head 😍🍪 # LoveYouForever


  • Can you believe she left her voicemail at a laundromat?


  • Hey ladies 👋 😆


  • Let’s be honest. So much more fun.😎 #fall


  • I don’t know what’s better, the mint chocolate chip or that you’re about to kiss me. 😘


  • What I lack in talent, I make up for in cookies. #notathletic


  • Caramel w/ salted butter and sea salt #iDoneThis @ibotnik


  • I have so many secrets, and there is no place for them but in a diary.


  • Come in, grab a seat.


  • When you find that dress that makes you feel beautiful!


Funny Instagram Captions For Him


  • Guys, are you down with FOMO? Let us help you kick this season of FOMO to the curb. We’ve started selling single drink cups stateside in a few of our stores, so now when your boss springs.


  • Brilliant. Ridiculous. Infectious. Memorable. Keep it real, be you, and have fun doing it.


  • When you’re not sure if she wants to kid or kiss, let her sit on the fence.”


  • If the coach could talk… it would say, “Looks like a lot of people enjoy watching Netflix here…” #NetflixAndChill.


  • “Life’s too short to be anything that you’re not, so just let it happen and see what happens.” – Josh Pyke #JoshPyke #WhereWeAre


  • This is why we can’t have nice things. 🎶 😂


  • Where my people at? #thegoodquotes


  • I’m the kind of guy who has never had a cavity. I’ve never owned a piece of exercise equipment. And I don’t have a single regret.


  • Being grateful for the memories that made you who you are today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • October is here! How are you celebrating? ____________________________________


Funny Instagram Captions For Lovers



  • This couple tattoos their love for each other onto their skin. 😧


  • Foxes are wild animals that cannot be tamed. Yet when they find love in one another, they are the most beautiful things to behold. _🦊❤️🐺


  • Ok, we’ll admit it…we kinda like each other.


  • I wish every day could be like this special day.


  • My favorite time of the day is when I’m snuggling with you. It’s made all the sweeter by knowing we’ll get to spend that time together for the rest of our lives. ##


  • Dinner with you is love ❤️ quality time and conversation. Never a letdown. 👀


  • Bae, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me – Daniel Radcliffe.


  • Happy anniversary to the person I couldn’t fall for….until now. (that’s the only one


  • Do you ever look at a photo and just see ghosts in the background, like did they capture a demon, or are they, vampires? 🦇


Funny Instagram Captions For Men


  • Perfect for dapper dudes who still like to have fun.


  • It’s not a stick-up unless you are holding a cake pop. . . #ManCandyMonday


  • If you’re trying to impress the ladies, take a cue from the natural world, and give them some food with these kitchen tips to make sure your plate is always full.


  • I’m a simple guy with a simple dream… I just want to be your favorite band. When you dance, will you think of me? 😈


  • I like to think I’m a manly man. If you want me to prove it, put an ear of corn in your pants and watch the magic happen.


  • Every #BachelorFinale season, I have the same conversation with myself… “Is this it? Is THIS really my family?” Then I remember to breathe, and quickly come to my senses and realize: “Yes, yes it


  • I have a personal trainer, banker, and life coach—I just haven’t met them yet. 😉


  • Robert Redford is a fine actor that starred in classic movies like Barefoot in the Park. #MyOldManIfeelthiswayinthefall


  • Hi, I’m Tom Haverford. Also known as…the Coolest Guy Ever.


  • Hi, I’m Bob. This is my coworker Susan. We work at an office. Our job is to get out of the office as much as humanly possible.


  • Be on-trend this summer in what the boys are wearing this summer, Nike Running.


  • I spent the morning refreshing all my social media apps. I’m down to one password now: 12345. #morethanonepassword


  • Three things in life that I have always found to be a winner: courage, curiosity, and clean underwear. – Groucho Marx #bromance


Funny Instagram Captions For Women


  • Lady: The social media app for women who like to pee standing up.


  • If I’m completely honest, this is uncomfortable. But I promised I would try new things every day. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #wcw #fashionforwomen


  • Never give anyone’s opinion about your body weight to carry the weight of you. – I-am-Shangela


  • It’s official. The hallways of a yoga studio are the best place to make friends.


  • Let the sunglasses out. #Sunglasses #ItsFashionNotSpace 🔆


  • Summertime and living are easy. 😏 ✔🐶


  • Goes great with Friendsgiving, snuggles, and leftover Halloween candy.


  • You can not miss a girl’s night! Be sure to use a really long emoji in the caption to make it clear you’re having fun. 😉


  • The fourth quarter of your 20s is like that really cute guy who gets a little bit distant after he’s hung out with you for a while. “What did I do? Why isn’t he calling me back? Should I


  • What happens when a girl’s busy day is interrupted by an oversized coffee order?


  • I am indeed a feminist. I’m pretty irritated that I need to clarify that, actually.


  • When the urge to be lazy hits and I use a selfie stick to avoid having to move.


  • ♫Fun is my job; it’s what I do, yeah that’s right. So could you not ask me to slow down? I wouldn’t if I could._


  • Glowing skin is the most beautiful form of art. #healthyandhappy


  • We’re going on a field trip! 🌟🌳 #newyorkcity


  • You can dress him up, but you can’t take him out of his game. (📷 @shane_hord) #Fashiongameonpoint


  • So many great things in life can’t be described in words. Coffee’s one of them.


Funny Instagram Captions 


  • In case of emergency, captions should be used as a flotation device. #happyhalloween @brandstories


  • The Skimm (@theskimm) post was shared on May 7, 2017, at 11:46 am PDT. ☕️🍩 Lol 😏


  • When things just get too deep, you realize you’re in over your head – but keep swimming anyway. #pools #italianbulldogs #sorrynotsorry


  • A world with no selfies, no Instagrams, no Facebook. No one would even know what a selfie was.


  • I scared straight into working out. 😮 #mycalvins


  • The difference between want and ‘need’ in today’s culture. Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll. #thanksgiving #gocrazyonblackfriday


  • Me looking at everyone else’s killer summer photos while I’m in a tank top and snow boots #hypeforfall #welcometothefuture


  • 🍃Pumpkin spice season + (sunny honey latte emoji) 🥤


  • A caption for a restaurant that serves wine with lunch.


  • Whatever your style, there’s a Starbucks for everyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Let the fall fun begin. #itsbackon #fallfun #fallforit #trover


  • Sending you some Vitamin H. 🤟👀


  • It’s official, and we’re in the golden era of reruns.


  • You better be prouder than a peacock because you’re about to hear this story. 🦚


  • Life is an adventure full of highs & lows, sometimes you gotta dance through it all.

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