Special Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Special Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin 2021
Special Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin 


Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin: One of the most difficult things a person may have to do is find the right words to say because of certain situations or occasions. I mean it sometimes gets difficult to find the most powerful words which can truly touch a person’s heart. It may be just one word that can make a huge difference, but yet we sometimes just cannot seem to find a word that is enough. That’s why with the help of catchy birthday wishes for your cousin, you can always make your cousin feel special and warm their cold heart on their birthday.

  • On your birthday, I hope that you are surrounded by love, happiness, and unity. Today and always, may you experience the love from those who mean the most to you, happiness in all aspects of your life, and just live in unity with your loved ones.


  • I love you like a brother and feel that peace, happiness, unity, compassion, and our close bond have made my life complete. Nothing can stop us from being together. I really do treasure you like a brother. Always remember that I am there for you when you need me the most! On this very special day of yours, I wish you an awesome birthday celebration!


  • Your love and care over me are boundless and unconditional. It is my wish that you have a splendid day, filled with love, happiness, and unity. All my life I have been proud to call you my cousin! I cherish your presence in my life!”


  • On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness this world can offer. I am grateful to have you in my life. The things we share bring us great joy and I cherish every moment spent with you. Happy birthday!


  • You are the light that brightens up my life at every step of mine. Your unconditional love has made me bloom like a rose on a hot summer day. And what’s more, you have made me so strong and independent. Every moment spent with you is cherished and I hope that we are together for many years to come! Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin!


  • You are the dearest cousin to me. I knew from the moment you were born that you would be a great person. Your smile can melt hearts, your laughter brings people together and your personality is unstoppable. I wish you all the best on this special day!


  • On your birthday, I wish you the feeling of being loved and happening. May you be the most special person in our family. You deserve all that and more. You are a special person such that as a cousin, there is no other like you! Happy birthday to my favorite cousin!


  • There are no words to describe how I feel about the love, happiness, and unity that we have together. I can’t imagine my life without you, so I’ll say it loud and clear. You deserve all the love and smiles today. Wish you a very happy birthday!


  • May you find happiness in a life worth living. I pray that you find unity among friends, family, and colleagues. May God give you the best birthday ever!


  • On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! All the happiness and fortune that life, as to offer, is yours. Today should be your most special and memorable day. All the love, joy, and happiness is yours. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!


  • It is wonderful to see that your life was blessed with many precious relationships. You have loved, lived, and experienced what it is like to be a family. Grown-up with so many good memories to cherish and pass on to your children’s generation. Happy birthday!


  • Your birthday is the perfect day to remind you how very much I love you, and how much in your life you have made me feel proud of. You’re a beautiful soul who always brings great joy to the ones around you. I will pray for that special gift to come your way! Happy birthday!


  • On this birthday, I want to wish you all the love and happiness in the world! May you have an awesome year ahead, filled with everything that you have always wanted.


  • Happy birthday, my dear cousin! I wish you the best of luck for all that you do. May this year be an awesome one, filled with joy and happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I’m glad to have you in my life!


  • For my cousin, I want this message to express all of the above. May this birthday bring lots of happiness in your life that you so rightly deserve. From all that I have heard about you, I can see that you’ve always shared love and happiness with everyone around you. On your birthday, therefore, I wish that you get to surround yourself with love and share it with others too. As well as sharing lots of happiness please also tar this birthday with unity among family members whom you love deeply.


  • Sisters are just like a two-faced coin, one face is happy while the other is sad. On your birthday I wish you do not see both faces but only the happiest face. Wishing you all happiness, love, and unity in your life!


  • Hey bro, happy birthday to you! I wish your life be filled with love, happiness, and unity. May the above achieve to keep you strong and standing!


  • Today, your birthday, I wish you that you have a lot of love and happiness around you. A time when we are all together is a time when true unity happens. This time should be special so that we can have a chance to make up for all the lost times where we didn’t get to spend together because our personal lives got in the way. I hope you feel closer to us today and always.


  • I know that family is a small word. The meaning of it is so much more to us. It encompasses so many things – love, happiness, loyalty, and unity. I have been a part of this family ever since I was born, and I will be for you in good times and bad. I truly hope that you are celebrating this day with the happiness that your family has brought to your life!


  • Even though we are apart, you are always in my heart. I wish you well on your birthday and pray that God showers you with love and happiness. May all your desires come true, may your union with your spouse be everlasting, and may your happiness be infinite. I miss you!


  • On your special day, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You have always been there for me, whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on or a friend who really understands me. I know we may have had our differences, but that does not matter. A family is bonded by love and unity no matter what, and we have a lot of love for each other. Happy birthday, cousin!



Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin (him)


  • My dear cousin, happy birthday to you! May the coming year be full of love, happiness, and unity for your family. Love and hugs.


  • Today is a special day. I wish that the one we call cousin was actually my brother! Thank you for always being there for me, and I wish you to have an amazing birthday filled with love, happiness, and unity.


  • Today is the day to be glad I have such a wonderful cousin as you. I am proud that we share the same birthday and I am happy because, without you, life would be boring and empty. You bring harmony to my life when it gets chaotic and uplift my spirits when I’m in a deep depression. My love for you goes beyond this universe, for you are my sanity! Happy birthday!


  • Dear cousin, I wish you peace, joy, and love on this special day of your life!  I hope today’s party is the beginning of a special relationship between us. Today, I wish we form a special bond of friendship, support, and trust. May this bond get stronger as time passes by.


  • Happy Birthday darling cousin! I hope you find the answer to all your questions and find a life worth living. With this small wish, I want to let you know that I am always around for you, anytime, anywhere. Here’s to us growing old and being a little crazy together.


  • Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin!! I am so blessed to have you as a part of my family. I hope we continue growing closer together with every passing year. You always bring a smile to my face; your wittiness and charm never cease to amaze me. I wish you all the best and may the year ahead be filled with love, happiness, unity, and lots of laughter!


  • On this special day, I wish you a happy birthday.  I am glad to have another birthday to celebrate with you. I hope that your life is as blissful as mine has been because of your sincere love and care for me. Wishing you love, happiness, and unity in the family.


  • I can’t wait to arrive at your birthday party. The best part of life is getting to hang out with people like you. You make happiness and unity second nature. I love being around you, and I pray we never change because you mean the absolute world to me. Happy birthday, cousin!


  • Dear cousin, I hope you realize what a lucky girl you are to have me as a best friend. We will never be separate. I will always be there for you. Send free Happy Birthday Wishes to make him feel special on his birthday.


  • May a new year present you with a happy and healthy life! The day is special for you and I remember all the wonderful times we had as kids. When my friend John told me about your birthday, I knew that only the best wishes will be enough for such a special celebration.


  • Your birthday is a sacred time for your parents and siblings to reflect and remember you the way you were as a child. It is a time to let go of the things that are gone and hold on to memories that are still alive. I pray that you enjoy all the moments of your birthday, and may God bless you with a long life.


  • Happy Birthday, dear cousin! We are never the ones to leave one another out in tough situations. We are always here with the hope of getting you through difficult phases. I love you cousin and I wish all your dreams come true.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin(her)

Are you looking for the perfect birthday message for your cousin? Perfectly worded happy birthday messages for cousins can be hard to find. Let me help with making your task easier. The best birthday wishes for your cousin are ones that reflect love, happiness, and unity;


  • Sending hugs and heart-warming birthday wishes on your birthday. As a family member, you are awesome! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best. Please stay healthy and happy for life!


  • The memories of our childhood days are the most beautiful ones for us. Yet, we always remained united like a family was supposed to be – no matter how far away we were from each other. We knew that there was someone out there in this world who loves us no matter what and would stand by us through the thick and thin. Though you are born in a different country, you have always found a way back to us… To make this special day even more colorful I wish you a wonderful day.


  • Dear cousin, when we were children, our parents brought us up together. I remember how much you used to love me. Any time, I think of our childhood times together and the caring and loving relationship we shared for each other, gives me immense happiness. Today is your birthday fills my heart with joy because it reminds me of all those magnificent moments and makes me happier than ever before.


  • Whether the world is going haywire, the family feuding, or the bills piling up, you are there for all of us. You ensure that neither you nor any of us fall apart during troubled times. This is why we love and cherish you. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday, darling cousin! I am grateful for our lasting friendship. It has been a lifetime since we last saw each other, but I feel we still understand and cherish each other’s feelings really well. The bond that you and I share is not ordinary. Even though we are not related by blood, our hearts beat in the same rhythm. On your birthday, I wish you all the best with a lot of love!


  • I feel as though I began growing up with you by my side. You were always so easygoing yet so particular about the way we should pursue life. To see it now, I know this is the person I have always wanted to be. Happy Birthday Love of My Life!


  • My dear cousin, today is a day to celebrate joy and merriment. I hope your year packed with happiness and laughter. May this day be full of love, unity, and fun! You are my cousin but more than that, you are like a sister to me. I pray for your success, health, and prosperity always. Happy birthday!


  • Dear friend, relatives, or relatives, I have always considered you one of my own relatives, as well as a member of my family. You are not just my cousin, but you are the closest friend in my life. You have always been there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. Today is your birthday and I wish you all the best.


  • Though we have spent very little time together, you’re always on my mind. I must confess, that when we are apart, things don’t feel right. Wish you a happy birthday. I know that when we meet next time, it will be like old times. You bring me joy and happiness. May your day be filled with laughter!


  • Your friendship has brought so much happiness into my life. I am grateful for everything you have done and I look forward to many more memories! Be Happy on your birthday! Love you, sis!


  • All my family are very happy and joyful on this day when we wish our cousin a very happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my dearest cousin! We share a bond that no one would understand, born on the same day. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you with love and happiness. You are an angel and a blessing in disguise. I know it was not easy growing up without your mother, but you proved everyone wrong. You have made our family proud by achieving so much in life despite all odds. I will be joining another continent soon and will always wish for your success in life.


  • happy birthday to my cousin! You have always stood by my side when I needed you most. Thank you for being such a great friend and always understanding me when no one else did. Long after today, our friendship will live on. We’ve been there for each other through good and bad times, so let’s never lose touch in this crazy world. You’re a great cousin; keep smiling!


Birthday Wishes to Cousin

  • From your first breath to your last, I will love you. My wish is to have you by my side forever. On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world and much success ahead of you.


  • We may be miles apart geographically, but our hearts will always be together. Have a wonderful birthday!
    Your birthday is a special family reunion for me; Life and your family have given you so many opportunities. I hope you love all the great things that life has given you, and one of these days I wish to see you in person.


  • I hope you have an amazing life. You are the kindest person I know on this world, and despite the fact that we are a thousand miles apart, I feel connected to you because of our bond. I wish you a happy birthday and all the love in my heart!


  • Your birthday is a good reason for you to be in the spotlight. I wish you all the best! I heartfully hope that this day brings you joy and satisfaction. You deserve to feel and have all these things in your life from this day on. I love you so much, cousin, and am happy to spend this day with you! You are so special to me; I am proud to be your cousin.


  • May your day be filled with happiness, jokes, and love from your family members. It was always a pleasure to have you in my life, always showered me with attention and love. Thirty years is a big milestone in anyone’s life. May you find harmony, balance, and growth in the days to come.


  • Your birthday should be an important date in the calendar of every nation. You have shown the world what humanity is capable of achieving. Your dream is akin to a map for the universe, and your legacy shall live on forever.


  • Wishing you all the best on your birthday! A day when our loved ones finally get to rest, from chasing their little bundles of joy that keep them busy throughout the year. I wish you all the love, happiness, and unity.


  • Happy Birthday to the most loving and caring cousin! You have brought so much love, unity, and happiness into my life. I do not know what would have happened to me without your support.


  • There is nothing sweeter than being with kindred spirits. You and I share a special bond that binds us in love, happiness, and unity. We are kindred spirits and that can never be broken. You have always stood by me during my difficult times, and also lending me the shoulder to lean on during my high moments in life. Thank you for everything you have done for me.


  • My dear cousin, the greatest gift you have given me in my life is your friendship. I cherish the time we spent together and cherish each and everything we shared. May this birthday bring you farther on the path of life, health, love, and friendship. I wish to call you a friend forever and ever because friendship is much more than the bond between two people!


  • If I had to choose all my family in one person, I would definitely choose you. Ours is a love that grows stronger each day as if it was forged by fire. Words can’t express how important you are to me. I wish you a very happy birthday.


  • Cousin, you are a special woman in my life. Happy birthday to you! You are the sunshine of our family. From all of us, we wish for your good health, happiness, and long life. I hope our family will get together on this auspicious day and celebrate your birthday. Last but not least, I thank you for always being there for me no matter what the circumstances are.


  • Happy Birthday, May you bring much love and happiness in all of your relationships. You have brought beauty to our lives with your lovely and sweet disposition, and your charming smile always lights up the room. I appreciate the gift of your company; it has taught me a lot about friendship. I hope that you achieve everything that life has to offer because you deserve all the best. Thank you for giving me the honor to love you, and for letting me be a small part of this great


Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Cousin

  • Well! These are some of the things I have received from you over the years. You made me realize how important things like love, unity, and happiness really are. You have always been there for me when I needed you and I would never forget that even if I tried. Happy birthday, pal!


  • I am celebrating your birthday! May you have a lovely party with all your friends and family. I wish you happiness, love, success, and more. I hope that all your dreams come true and make every second of this special day a happy one. Love you!


  • Cousin. This is a day which I have been eagerly awaiting. Words can never express how grateful I am to have you in my life. You always cheer me up no matter how gloomy I feel, and what is more, you listen to my grouses patiently! Thank God for uniting us forever! Enjoy your birthday! May you enjoy every bit of your life. Happy birthday


  • There is nothing as precious as family. In this world where people have gone away from old traditions, we all need a strong family such as ours to lean on. I wish you the best of luck for your future and remember that no matter what happens we will be here for you.


  • What would I do without you? Your presence fills my mind, body, and soul with joy. Today, if all that I am is the sum of all our moments together, then I can say without a doubt that today my being is full of gratitude for having met you.


  • To begin with, I want to tell you that I love you more than anything in this world. You are my mother’s daughter and the apple of my father’s eyes too! Our family is successful and happy because you have made our home into a very pleasant place to live in. Year after year, you have proven yourself a better member of the family and for this, I am truly grateful.


  • I wish with all my heart that you may find love, happiness, and unity in every part of your life. May the Lord’s blessings be showered upon you. Happy birthday!


  • Hey sis, today is all about you. You’re finally eight. In life, you worry about everything. But today is different. There’s nothing to worry about because everything is taken care of by me- your big brother, to make sure you have a great day!


  • Today I wish for nothing but the best for you! I hope this day fills you with all the love, happiness, and unity that your soul deserves. Hope you have a blast, happy birthday!


  • Dearest cousin, I wish you a very happy birthday! Let the year ahead be one of success, growth, and love. You are always there for me and I am glad to have someone like you in my life. Want to wish you a special year ahead!


  • Bobby, you are the brightest star in my life! We share a blood bond and have grown up like brothers. I want to thank you, for making the family proud of you. You are an inspiration to me. Wish you a very special birthday filled with lots of laughter and joy. Love you forever.


  • Call me your real family because that is what I am. I will always be by your side regardless of anything! Happy birthday to the cousin who remained the same even after all my success and fame. Thank you always for being there for me when I needed you.


  • Happy Birthday, John everyone should have a friend like you in life. You have always been a source of inspiration and keep making me see the world through rose-colored glasses. I am glad that you exist! Wish you a blissful birthday!


  • With this post, I am wishing you a really big happy birthday! I am so thankful for having someone like you as my cousin. You have always been there for me and seen me through the good and bad times of life. May all your wishes come true. I love you very much and hope to keep being there for you, too!

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