Top 50 I Miss You So Much Message For Her 2022

I Miss You So Much Message For Her

I Miss You So Much Message For Her: Here are beautiful I miss you message for your wife or girlfriend letting them know how much you’ve missed them, below are some messages that will melt their hearts.


  • If I claimed that I didn’t miss you, it would be the worse lie of the year. Already, there is no way I can escape missing you.


  • Your love is my happiness and that’s the very reason I used to cry whenever you are not around me. you will always remain my love.


  • My pleasure is to see you being there for me all the time. I must be with you in spirit so that we can be connected always.


  • I have a lot of reasons why I am with you, I pray you find endless peace wherever you are. Just want to let you know you are missed.


  • Whenever will your giggles be seen again? When will you sing those beautiful songs for me? I am in love with you like never before.


  • Anytime I see you walking away, the pain of loneliness overwhelms me and this makes me miss you greatly. I love you.


  • Your presence is like a treasure no one will like to let go of. I miss your laughter and that sweet voice that gives me confidence.


  • To my beloved angel, I miss you more than you expected of me. Loneliness has touched every part of me.


Romantic I Miss You Message for Her 2021

  • No deer is as beautiful as you are. No bird is as lovely as you and there is no treasure as precious as you are to me.


  • We miss a lot of things or people, and still, we don’t fall sick, but whenever I miss you, it is as if I have a high fever.


  • You have this powerful smile that cannot be resisted. I really appreciate your love in my life and will continue to be so forever.


  • No amount of distance that may come between us, loving you will be my priority forever. I so much miss you.


  • God understands why I will continue to miss you but even I don’t know why missing you comes naturally.


  • Until you are back again maybe I will be glad to cherish you forever. I must confess that you are the best for me.


  • My loneliness cannot be healed counting the seconds we will be together once again.


  • I miss you so much, honey, I can’t stop thinking of you getting out of my thoughts and come to my arms where you belong.


  • Just like the air, I want your love more and more but I can’t touch it because you are far away. I miss you.


  • I don’t think of any other thing than to spend every second with you. When you are here, I will be glad once again.


  • With your arms move around me, I feel at home but now I am lonely because I want to see you soonest.


  • It can be better than true love because it hurts whenever I have to say goodbye. I love you, my dear angel.


  • I hate the moment I have to say goodbye to you. It feels bad to see you walking away. I miss you.


  • You are not here to tell me sorry because you are far away. I can’t wait to see you around my arms once more.


  • Come back home and rest on my chest because that’s where you belong. I miss you and you are my darling.


  • I wish you will promise to never say goodbye again and I desire that we don’t leave each other even when we are not together.


  • If you miss me the way I miss you I think we will both be sick in love now. I am glad to have you around.


  • I used to miss your generous smile even when I am in the midst of people. This shows how precious you are to me.


  • I can’t share these beautiful views with you because you are not here. My heart aches because you are not here with me.


  • Here may be beautiful but there is no place as beautiful as your smile. I wish to see you soon. I miss you, my love.


  • How I wish you are here with me, we would have been enjoying this beautiful moment together.


  • Whenever you are not beside me, the world remains strange and empty to me. I cannot live in a world without you. I miss you love.


  • Hey baby I miss you so much, the world becomes boring whenever you are not by my side.


  • Each time I remember your beautiful face whenever I listen to any love song, this is the sign of the true love I have for you.


  • Every moment without you is a headache and heartache, I am hoping for the day we will meet again.



  • Every song I hear reminds me of how much you mean to me and how I want to see you in my arms soon.


  • I cherish your beauty because it is the best ever. Except I don’t see you, I fall in love with you a little more.


  • I can’t stop counting the minute of the day I will see you again. I am in deep love with you and there is no doubt that I am missing you.


Top I Miss You Message for Her


  • My heart will continue to be empty without you because you are the treasure that should be inside always.


  • I want to spend every moment with you because you are my soul mate. I want to be your husband forever.


  • There shouldn’t be anything capable of separating us but death alone. I miss you so much that I can’t stop crying like a baby.


  • When will that minute be completed so that I can hold you in my arms once again? I love you so much.


  • I can do everything to ensure that we are together once more. This is because you are the smile on my cheeks.


  • I can’t wait to ensure that the distance between us is completely eliminated so that we can hold hands again.


  • If I’m to choose between anything, I will choose to be with you always, every moment I have spent with you counts and I want you here with me.


  • I’m missing you here, I have loved you to the extent of me not knowing how to express myself, you are a blessing and you bring joy to my life. I wish you were here with me my love.


  • You loving me is an achievement for me. I will always love you no matter the condition, always remember the memories we had together. I love you so much please come back soon.


  • Being in love with you gives me so much joy, loving the fact that we love each other genuinely, I can’t even find a precise reason for loving you this much.


  • Hey sweetie, I miss you so much, a good hug with a romantic I love you from you would be okay for me.


  • I miss you my heart, my addiction for you grows stronger each day, I really have no control over myself. Hope to see you soon.


  • Loving you has made me understand love will always lead to everything. I just can’t wait to meet you again. Love you.


  • I feel uncomfortable when you’re far away from my side. The feeling I have for you makes me crazy…I’m so obsessed with my love for you.


  • I hear people say happiness isn’t long-lasting, but the joy and pleasure you brought to my Life make me celebrate our love every day. I really miss you.


  • You are the best part of my life, always have that in your Angelic mind…I promise to always be there and will never say it’s over.


  • You are the light of my life and I love you so much…I’m incomplete without you by my side.


  • I really miss you, just a day without you feels like a decade without you. You are the only one I want now.


  • Hey love, I hope you come back soon. I love you, you alone that’s all that matters in our relationship.


  • I always want you around, everything I do should be with you, you’re not only in my heart but also in my head, I love you.


  • The love I have for you cannot be expressed using words…I miss seeing you around, love to have you back with me.


  • The smile you always put on When I’m with you brings warmth to my body, truth is that I miss you love for you increases every day.


  • Just a place in your heart, that’s all I ask for.. to show how I truly love you, I am never going to disappoint you…I hope to see you soon.


  • The feelings in my heart are special, seeing you every time brings so much joy to me, You’re more than a soul mate to me…I really miss you so much and I’m coming for you. Kisses from me.


  • The most important thing in my life is the love you have for me, it can’t be counted…I’m always here for you babe, just hold on tight. Love you.


  • Hello baby, I really miss you, I feel lonely maybe a kiss from you will make me feel better just put me on trial… hope to see you.


  • I can’t compare your love to anything in my life…I pray God blesses our love, I’m just waiting for the right time but I miss you, dear.


  • You know I love you, you know am already mad about you, you know I want you, haha…I know you love my love for you. I wish to see you soon. Love you.


  • You are my everything, my best friend, you taught me, true love…I say you’re the freshest rose on earth, words can’t describe how attractive you are, I miss you, my love.


  • My heart keeps telling me I love you..let me love you till eternity, I always feel unique and special when am close to you… hope you get back soon, I miss you.


  • The light you brought to my life is brighter than sunshine, sweeter than the best wine in the world, you are surely the cutest person I have ever met. I will keep loving you.


  • I feel happy finding someone like you, you deserve special treatment from everyone around you my princess.


  • Living a day without you just can’t work for me, I keep thinking about all the special moments we had, the special things we’ve done together… I love you from all sides of my heart.


  • The happiness I feel when I’m with you..pure, your touch on my body makes me crazy, I always feel special when I’m with you. It’s magical love.


  • Your royalty shines as bright as the moon during the night. I just can’t help but think about you and wait for you to come, I miss you, my love.

Romantic I Miss You Message for Her 2021

  • The reason I love you is that everything about you seems so right, we are meant for each should hold on tight to me and never let go, I miss you so much, babe.


  • My love for you is definitely a perfect one, we’ve known each other for so many years and the feeling keeps getting stronger..yes I miss you so much, I pray destiny brings us together. Cheer up I love you so much.


  • My love for you makes me feel blessed… I think about you every single second, minute and hour, have missed seeing your face.. isn’t there any way I can come be with you.


Romantic I Miss You Message For Her ( To Wife)


  •  My lovely babe, I’m really down with missing you, I really can’t take it anymore.. please come back.


  • Your beauty glows like the star in the bright and shining outstandingly, I will always love you no matter the distance between us. You will always be close to me.


  • I miss your smile, would do anything to see your iconic face. I really want to be with you.


  • Since I started having feelings for you, it has always been love and light from both of us. I need you to shine your light on me, I miss you badly please come back.


  • I have always enjoyed being with you, babe you’re amazing and I’ll always love you.


  • You make me happy always. I really missed you so much, you deserve accolades.. me seeing your face gives me joyful strength, I love you, darling.


  •  My lovely love you’ve really made my life amazing.. please don’t leave me never, I pray my love guide you. I’m missing you so much.


  • I miss you so much, you alone make me complete. I really love you.


  • Babe, tell me the easiest way to get closer to you, I want you by my side, you alone.


  • I just keep thinking about you since you left, please come back…I really love you.


  • My love all my energy cannot control my emotions, you’re really special and I Want you to be part of my life.


  • I know everything with our love story might not be smooth but trust me we can make things right…I still and will always love you please come back babe I miss you.


  • Hey cutie, am so missing you already in my life, I want you back my irreplaceable one…I can not stay without you.


  • Your calm and angelic nature makes my heart full of joy, you’re are surely my always happy being with you, I love you so much.


  • Am in love with an angel and that’s you, babe, I love everything that has to do with you, I feel complete when you’re around me, your absence is hurting for me, just come back my love.


  • You made my love for you easy and unique, I pray we always stay in love..our love projects like magic that’s more reason I love you.


  • Your kisses, touch, and every romantic moment with you makes me smile anytime I think about those times you and I spent, I wish for more of that…I love you dearly.


Top I Miss You SMS for Her


  • Hey cutie…I really miss you over here, if I had magical powers I would always be with you, dear. You’re part of me, babe, my heart appreciates and cherishes you.


  • My heart beats fast and faster just because I keep thinking about you, have missed you…I wish you could touch me, my love, I will just wait for you dear.


  • Hey. I’m not asking much from you, but please come back let’s make things right, having you right beside will do a lot for me now…I miss you so much. Am just waiting for your love and comfort.


  • I Have missed you so much, and your care and control of me, this distance makes me cry like a baby…I never imagined it would be this hard staying without you.


  • Words can not describe how am missing you, everything changed since you left, please come back let’s start all over. I love you, babe.


  • I can’t control the way I think about you, it’s all in my head, baby my heart belongs to you and I miss you please come back.

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