13 Best Portable Barber Salon Chairs to Buy 2021

The Best Portable Salon Barber Chairs You Should Buy For Your Salon

Dear readers, today we will try to find the best barber chair on the market. When choosing equipment for a barbing salon, it seems that something as simple as a barber chair does not require much attention. However, this is one of the most important things to ensure that customers and employees feel comfortable.

The barber spends a lot of time beside him doing haircuts for the guests; in return, the clients sometimes have to spend more than an hour waiting for miracles. It is not difficult to see that the chair should be ergonomic and more suitable for work. And it should be in harmony with the entire interior.

Are you a hairdresser looking for the perfect chair for beauty salons? Whether you are serving women, children, men, or pets, it is very important to choose a chair that suits your needs and leaves satisfied customers. Considering the design and function, we have compiled a series of the best portable chairs to make your life easier and decorate your living room.

Here are the best and the best: from backless to lying down. Before we begin, I want to mention my logic in selecting candidates for this list. I think there are four important points to keep in mind when investing in a beautiful barbing salon:

The Surface Material: This is one of the most important factors. It is the decorative materials that undoubtedly affect the quality and appearance. In cheap models, lower-quality materials are usually used, so they lose their appearance quickly.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and type of materials. Please note that like all other equipment, chairs must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The best and most durable choice is high-quality synthetic leather or vinyl leather. 


Chair Leather: An equally important element in the design of a hair salon chair. This is your frame. Plastic is used in cheaper versions. However, it is best to choose between models with metal casings. They are more expensive than plastic models but can withstand greater pressure, and the frame may have wheels suitable for transportation.

However, this becomes difficult when your buyers are walking around in the store. Therefore, stationery options with round or square bases are most often selected. Below are the Best Barber Shop Chair list you should have in your saloon this 2021 and beyond.


Oval Baber Chair Comfort Styling 2021


This oval lounge chair is designed with simplicity and fashion in mind, and the price is lower than most chairs I listed below. It still provides all the functions you need: a lockable 360-degree rotating mechanism, a hydraulic lift pump, and a convenient metal foot pedal. Client.

The saddle is reinforced with layers of other materials to prevent the saddle from breaking. We think this chair is not the most comfortable, but its design and price make up for this shortcoming. The seat is 18 inches long and 20 inches wide. The chair can withstand a load of about 250 pounds, which is enough to meet the needs of most salon customers.



Funny Life Hair Salon Chair Styling Heavy Duty



This is one of the best portable barber chairs to buy for your barbershop in 2021 and beyond. Continue reading today’s ten best portable barber chairs. Funny life Barber Chair is a Heavy Duty Barber Chair with a Hydraulic Pump. When it comes to simple classic black chairs, this should be your choice.

Funny life hairdressing chair may not have wheels, but it is easy to move and looks good in any room. The slender hydraulic pump is awkward, can be adjusted in height according to your needs, and still feels stable due to the huge circular chrome-plated base.

This chair is the same for men and women and can hold up to 400 pounds. You can buy this chair on Amazon at the price of $169 or less, depending on your location.



Earthlite Pneumatic Massage Salon Drafting Stool


If you are looking for more environmentally friendly products, Earthlite will create unique air massage chairs. The company is committed to recyclability and uses CFC-free foam to make comfortable pillows. This portable chair is small and easy to transport.

Its open back also makes it ideal for massage and spa applications. If you like this cute purple, please put it at the top of the list. Remember, it has a 360-degree swivel seat and can support a maximum working weight of 350 pounds. This barber chair can be purchased on Amazon at the price of $78.99.


KKTONER Round Rolling Stool Chair


The circular KKToner swivel chair is stylish and suitable for various environments and all types of a barbing saloon. It doesn’t have any crazy troubles, but it looks good and usually works.

This is one of the best-selling barber chairs on Amazon, and for a good reason, it can be assembled quickly within 5 minutes, and everyone can buy it easily. This implies that it is very affordable and highly durable.

Thanks to the thick PU leather cushion that is waterproof and oil-proof, the chair is effortless to clean. Although small, it can hold up to 300 pounds. This chair can be purchased on Amazon at the price of $42.99.



Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair


The hydraulic recliner is only $195.99, which can go a long way. This chair is not only very suitable for barbing, humming, and tailoring, but this recliner is also very suitable for washing.

The best thing about the artist’s hand is an excellent design. It is ergonomically designed, can be tilted to 135 degrees, and has a load capacity of 330 pounds. You can be sure that your clients will like to sit in this chair during barbing. It’s also very convenient!

A high-density sponge cushion will satisfy your customers. PU leather looks elegant and effective. It costs about $195.99 and can be found in the Amazon store.



LCL Beauty Automatic Recline Barber Shop Chair


This steel frame chair is cheap and simple, but it does a great job. It does the opposite, so you can wash your customers’ hair or cut their beards. The chair structure is made of solid steel, and the surface is made of black synthetic leather. This material is very durable and easy to clean.

On the other hand, due to its four-legged design, it has no steering capability. Considering the price, this is not the most serious drawback. If you are opening a new beauty salon or hair salon and have a tight budget, this chair should be one of your previous goals. The seat size of this chair is 19 inches long. The width is 19 inches. Seat upholstery can provide your customers with maximum comfort.



BestSalon Heavy Duty Beauty Barber Salon Chair


When it comes to unique barbing chairs, this comes first. The square shape of the BestSalon barber chair has an elegant feel. This chair is another ergonomic chair whose design is ergonomic and can adapt to the natural curve of the human body. In addition, it also comes with a comfortable footrest.

The heavy-duty chrome steel base of the chair conveys luxury and provides a professional style to your space. Easy-to-access phone numbers and detailed instructions ensure that you get the service you need with this easy-to-install chair. Prices differ but can be found on Amazon store for $166.99 depending on your location.



Baasha Hair Salon Chair with Hydraulic Pump



Baasha provides a stylish, modern design. Her hydraulic pump chair looks luxurious, less than $209.99. I can recommend this salon chair. (E.g., beauty salon, hairdressing service) must work normally. This chair is made of high-quality PU leather and is equipped with a powerful hydraulic pump.

High-density foam provides a long-lasting fit, but according to buyers, it is strong. Overall, the stylish appearance is genuinely second to none. Rotate your hand smoothly 360 degrees to manage customers as quickly as possible in the movie.


Yaheetech Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool Chair


This is Amazon’s Choice, and it is only $74.99. Apart from its affordability, it has lots of unique features like a sleek edge that is eye-catching. The low seat of the Yaheetech Lounge swivel chair is very suitable for certain situations.

Don’t worry, this chair is pet-friendly, thanks to the synthetic leather seat, which gives your clients that soft touch they can’t get elsewhere! The maximum weight of the chair is 246.6, which is believed to be the lowest on the list.

Therefore, keep this in mind when considering buying a barbershop chair for your customers. Finally, it has an easily adjustable seat height, easily rollable wheels, and 360-degree smooth rotation. As I mentioned before, this chair is made of high-quality material that will last for a longer time. It can be found on the Amazon store at the price of $64 to  $74.99.



BIGARM All Purpose Salon Barber Chair


Looking for a transportable barber chair that stands proud of all of the relaxation and communication style? The BIGARM All Purpose Salon Barber Chair has a unique appearance with brown pebbled fake leather-based and a chrome black base.

Know that buying this chair is funding for high-density foam and a heavy-obligation hydraulic pump with the intention to provoke you simply as an awful lot as your customers.

This chair is, however, expensive. It goes for the price of $209.99 and can be found at the Amazon store. Don’t worry, this chair is pet-friendly, thanks to the synthetic leather seat, which gives your clients that soft touch they can’t get elsewhere!



Classic Hydraulic Styling Barber Salon Chair

The classic D-Salon-style chair is famous for its ruby ​​color. If you want to make a statement, please choose this chair. This clearly shows that it is easy not only in terms of design but also in assembly. This chair has a load-bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

If you are opening a new beauty salon or hair salon and have a tight budget, this chair should be one of your previous goals. Although it is not particularly strong, it is supported by a chrome base. The robust hydraulic pump has a long service life. The D Salon chair is only $84 to $100.



Danyel Beauty Professional Hydraulic Barber Chair


The Danyel Beauty lounge chair is made in a classic style. There are round and square bases in black and white to choose from. The body is made of durable steel, and the seat itself is made of synthetic leather. The hydraulic pump used for height adjustment has a one-year warranty.

According to the customer’s suggestion, most chairs on the market experienced pumping problems after a few months. This letter of guarantee left a deep impression on me. As far as the Danyel salon chair is concerned, there is no return option, which is an obvious disadvantage. Generally, if there is no beard grooming service in your salon catalog, I recommend this salon chair. (E.g., beauty salon, hairdressing service) must work normally.



Rolling Stool with Wheels-Backrest-Adjustable Hydraulic Chair


The Cloudbox wheelchair is a popular favorite-who doesn’t like the freshness and purity of the white on this silver chrome background? For only $50.99, this barber chair can belong to you. Since this small chair is known for its reliable quality, it is worth the money.

The seat is breathable, wear-resistant, and waterproof, so it can easily serve thousands of customers. The sturdy steel ring is perfect for footrests, and the sliding washers make this chair easy to use. This chair can be found on Amazon at the rate of $50.99 only.




In conclusion, the search for the perfect lounge chair has officially ended. Choose a slender chair or armchair that can do everything. Considering the design and function, we have compiled a series of the best portable chairs to make your life easier and decorate your barbing saloon this 2021 and beyond.

No matter your taste or budget, now you can find the perfect place in the living room. Which of these chairs do you like best? Let us know. 

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