The Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

The Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home in 2021 and Beyond

The Best Electric Kettles: Electric kettles are essential domestic appliances you should have in your kitchen this 2021 and beyond. Electric kettles enable us to efficiently utilize our electricity by converting the electrical energy to heat energy, and used for boiling water especially for us tea addicted beings. However, there is more to a great and powerful electric kettle than just boiling water. In this article, we have selected the best electric Kettles you should buy and use in your kitchen this year and beyond. Our recommendation is based on countless researches and experiments to prove that these selected appliances meet the sole requirements of the end-users.

The features we consider here include; the capacity of the kettle, the design, the speed, water level indicator, noise, variable temperature, weight, grip, filter, 360 degrees based, energy efficiency, etc. Carefully go through the list below and pick the one which best suits your fancy. 


The Fastest Boiling Kettle

Kenwood Mesmerine ZJM811 Jug Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

This is the fastest boiling kettle in our list of best electric kettles compilation. It takes only 40 to 60 seconds to boil about 250 ml capacity of water to 100 degrees while 1.6 litres of water boils within 3 minutes or less. That is why it is considered to be the fastest electric kettles in the market so far. In addition to that, the external features of the Kenwood Mesmerine Kettle are classic.

Other features and specifications of the kettle include; the maximum capacity of 1.6 litres while the minimum capacity is 250 ml. Colour ranges from black to white, to red, orange and to purple and blue. It has a water testing mechanism inside of it which helps in displaying the water level when the kettle is to be filled. It boils water very rapidly and the water can remains hot for over some hours after turning off the kettle. The price of the kettle is very affordable, it is sold at the cost of $179.80 and can be found on Amazon or eBay. 



The Best Less Expensive Electric Kettle

George Home 3KW Diamond Effect Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

This is one of the cheapest electric kettles you can buy in 2021 and beyond. Being cheap does not mean that this kettle is inferior. It has lots of fascinating features that can make your kitchen looks smart. People don’t always like something too heavy to carry, that is why the George home diamond Kettle is a Perfect Choice for these people. It is light weighted having a weight of about 680g which is approximately 0.680kg when nothing is inside. However, when liquid is present, it weighs about 2.4kg at full capacity.

This kettle has a bigger minimum water capacity of about 280ml as compared to the Kenwood which is only 250ml. In terms of speed, the George device boils water very fast too, a 1-litre water can boil in less than two minutes. It comes in black and also has a white component. It can contain water up to 1.7 litres for tea and other uses. This kettle is sold at the price of £18.00 at eBay. It also has a matching toaster.


Fast Electric Kettle

De’Longhi KBLA3001.R Active Line Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

This is another fast water boiling Kettle that was introduced into the market some months ago. Its brightly coloured surface is what makes it outstanding from others. This great and wide-based kitchen appliance weighs about 850g when empty, which is approximately 0.850kg. In the aspect of water boiling speed, one-litre water can boil within the duration of two minutes or less while a full kettle (1.7 litres) can boil within two to three minutes.

In terms of noise, it is quieter and silent than the others. Even though the water boils to 100 degrees, the handle will still be cool to touch. It has a matching toaster and the minimum capacity is 300ml. It comes in black, red and white colours. The price is £39.99 on eBay. Check Out On Amazon



Best and Most Compact Electric Kettle

Swan Symphony Collection 1.7L Jug Kettle SK31050

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

From what we have tested, this kettle is the best and most compact electric kettle in the market in 2021and beyond. It is so easy to handle, in fact when boiling water, the handle is very cool to touch despite the internal temperature reaching 100 degrees. Secondly, no steam was released from the spout during the total period the water was being boiled. However, in terms of speed, it is not faster than others although it has a great and magnificent minimum capacity of 500ml and a maximum capacity of 1.7. There wasn’t much steam emitted from the spout after the boiling cycles were complete either.

Swan says this kettle is a “rapid boil”, but we didn’t find it faster than other kettles without this claim. The great device is sold at the price of £25.96 on Amazon. The colours include; black and white and it supports a matching toaster. Check Out On Amazon



Exclusive Plastic Electric Kettle

De’Longhi Simbolo KBJX3001.W Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

We found this geometric-patterned kettle sturdy and robust. The compact design also means it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter. This unique electric kettle boils water that can be used for a large teacup in less than a minute and one litre of water boils faster within just two minutes. However, if the kettle is filled to the full capacity of 1.7 litres, it will take about 3.5 minutes to boil.

One interesting thing about this kettle is that it turns off automatically once the water gets boiled. It is also worthy to note that it emits lots of steam as compared to other kettles. The colour comes in black and white and it supports a matching toaster. The price is $100.99 and can be seen on Amazon or eBay store.



Best Lightweight Electric Kettle

Kenwood ZJP05.A0GY Abbey Grey 1.7L Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home


This is another lightweight electric kettle. Although it didn’t perform so well in our test in terms of speed, it is worthy to be among the best electric kettles because of other good and amazing features it has. If water is filled up to the maximum capacity of 1.7 litres, it can get boiled in less than 4 minutes.

This will give you the right amount of water for two cups of tea. You can touch the handle without being burnt because even though the water boils, the handle will still be cool. The colour ranges from Stone to cream and grey. It supports a matching toaster and it’s sold at the price of £29.99 on eBay. 



De’Longhi Electric Kettles

De’Longhi Scolpito KBZ S3001

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

The De’Longhi Scolpito KBZ S3001 is undoubtedly one of the sturdiest electric kettles in the market in 2021. The heating capacity of this appliance is very great and it is highly durable. De’Longhi Scolpito KBZ S3001 takes less than a minute to boil 300ml water to 100 degrees. This makes it to be a very essential tool in our homes because, through it, we can easily and quickly boil water for anything within the shortest period.

The De’Longhi Scolpito KBZ S3001 has a minimum water capacity of 300ml while the maximum water capacity is pegged at 1.5 litres. However, it is worthy to note that it does generate lots of steam in the boiling process. The detachable lid made it very easy to fill up and empty and the non-slip hand was comfortable to hold, too. The colour ranges from black to blue to bronze and even white. A matching toaster is also available. The price is £99.00 at Amazon. 


The Perfect Kettle for a Cup of Tea

Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

The Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle is a perfect Kettle for a cup of tea. It is lighter than other electric kettles and weighs less than a kilogram when it is not filled with water, (i.e when it is empty). One fascinating fact about the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle is that it boils at a remarkably faster rate. It is useful and more essential to people who likes taking quick coffees in the cold weather.

The kettle is built in such a way that restricts water from splashing to the external surface of the kettle when it boils. However, the dark side of it is that the water gauge is a little behind the handle which makes it a bit difficult to view it when filling the kettle. The Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle has a minimum capacity of 235ml and a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres. It is designed in various colours such as red, black and white. The matching toaster is available too. This item is sold at the price of £39.99 at the Amazon store, although the price may differ in some places. 


Best Budget Electric Kettle for Household

Russell Hobbs Honeycomb 26051 Kettle

Best Electric Kettles You Should Have in Your Home

This is generally believed to be the best budget electric kettle for household use. It is another unique electric kettle produced, distributed and marketed by the Russell Hobbs brand, the brand that made the Inspire Kettle. Just like its counterpart, the Russell Hobbs Honeycomb 26051 electric kettle boils water of 240ml at an amazing speed of about 43 seconds and it took less than four minutes to boil 1.7-litre water, which is in its full capacity.

Another unique feature is that it is calibrated according to the sizes of our teacups. It has one, two and three cups on the inside, which are helpful if you want to boil specific amounts. It’s worth noting that while the handle remained cool, the kettle’s exterior reached 63C (very hot!). Check Out On Amazon

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