The Best Shaver for Black Men 2022

The Top Ways to Succeed in Buying Best Men Shaver

The Best Shaver for Black Men: I have some of the best shavers for you to select in this series of product reviews on my site. They are products that are carefully selected based on merit. So, in order to get the best out of them, kindly keep reading this article.


A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Face Shaver


The Rotary Foil Shaver

There are 3 circular adaptable blades associated with shavers that possess 3 round heads with cutters rotating in a circular motion.

The cutters are positioned below your heads and then trim your facial hair with the aid of a guard protecting your skin from the rotating blade.

If your skin is tough, or you have a medium-coarse beard texture, rotary electric razors or shavers are generally suitable for you.  The blades can deliver a close shave.

If your hair is long, don’t worry, rotary shavers are perfect for your hairs. These shavers operate with motors with low sound.  As a man, if your hair is long or thick, go for rotary shavers, they will deliver an excellent job.


Shaver with Foil

You may want to go for an alternative shaver; this type of shaver is also good for men’s faces. It is made of a thin curved metal foil covering a bunch of cutting blades.

If you want to experience the effectiveness of these types of blades, operate them in a straightforward and backward movement while shaving your face or neckline.

The foil of a foil shaver doesn’t develop any issue despite the hairs gain their freedom into the holes in the foil as you cut them.

The technique behind the scene is that anytime the shaver is used, the foils automatically lift your hair prior to guiding it into the blade that cuts it.

Ensure that the shaver you are buying has different cutting blades attached to it. The shaver also comes with foil razors containing spring-loaded heads.


The Cost of the Shaver

I always advise my readers not to go for inexpensive products as they are bound to be disappointed in the end. So, if you are willing to go for a shaver, consider the price. Sometimes, price does not determine the quality of a product, so you can also consider quality over price.

Corded or Cordless

Depending on your need, you can consider which of the two options fits you most in a particular condition. Luckily enough, many shavers are made to be corded and cordless these modern days—2 in 1 precisely.

You may want to travel sometimes, so you will need a cordless electric razor, fully charged to serve a purpose during the trip. You can cruise the same shaver at home using your cord plugged in a power source to shave.

Battery Life

You need to go for a shaver whose batter is made of lithium iron and can last at least 60 minutes after a full charge. There are some shavers that last for 90 minutes and above, these are the important things one should go for when buying an electric razor.


Ensure that your product has a warranty of at least one year. This will secure the risk of buying substandard products or when you are not satisfied with a product, you can easily return it.

The Reviews Proper


Philips Norelco Shaver


Top Best Shaver for Black Men(2020)

This product is made by Philip Norelco Brand. It is rechargeable, smart working on your facial hair, and also has a great impact on your beard.

The Features of the Product

  • It is designed to give you a close shave and then will deliver a powerful closeness in a single movement on all types of beards.
  • The entire shaving heads are designed to move in 8 different directions so that they can adapt to the curves of your face.
  • The contour feature helps to capture almost 20 percent of your hair and then cuts up to 30 percent of your hair in a close shave.
  • You can choose the speed settings that work mostly on the kind of your skin. Slow speed is good for a friendly shave on the skin, medium speed for thorough shaving and fast speed is perfect for a powered shave.
  • You are guaranteed to shave everywhere perfectly due to the facial cleansing brush that comes with your shaver. It delivers a deep clean and still remains gentle on your skin.
  • The lithium battery is rechargeable and can last for 60 minutes. Meaning it can deliver one hour job without a cord.
  • There is LED light on this shaver that displays the percentage of the battery. It has an auto voltage of 100 to 240 V.

I recommend this powerful shaver to you. It is not made by anyhow brand but Philips Norelco of all brands. Try this product in your next plan.

The Pros of the Product

  • This product delivers a very close shave.
  • It is cordless and portable.
  • It is a waterproof machine that can work both wet and dry.

The Cons of the Product

A problem encountered during shipping by a customer.



Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Facial Hair


Panasonic is always there to get your facial hair groomed with its powerful shaver. Remember, Panasonic is a great brand and as such can’t be taken for granted that easily. Check the features of this monster shaver and conclude on your own.


Top Best Shaver for Black Men(2020)

The Features of the Product

  • The blade of this gentle lady is very sharp. Apart from this fact, it is ultimately sharp precision-honed 30°Nanotech blades. The foil is ultra-thin that blends with your facial contours making it quick and comfortable for you to shave your beards.
  • This is an item that can be used both inside and outside of your bathroom, meaning it is a waterproof shaver, so you can wash it under a running tap.
  • The pivoting feature of the shaver allows it to be so flexible that it glides flawlessly tracing each of the contours of your face, neck, jaw, and chin. It has a built-in sensor that monitors the difference in your beard density and as well adjusts automatically to suit your face and cut your beard comfortably.
  • This electric razor is built with the power of a linear drive which can deliver 14,000 cuts per minute equivalent to 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.
  • It can still retain the peak of its power until the end of the battery life before another charge.
  • The LCD battery indicator is another powerful feature of this product that shows the status of the battery so that the user will always stay on alert.
  • It is a rechargeable, portable, and powerful shaver every man should have.

When next you are thinking of getting a new shaver, don’t forget that this Panasonic product is the best for you. I am very sure you are going to end using it in a great performance.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is quiet and at the same time work at great speed.
  • Larger head, and more flexible compared to other brands.
  • It moves in 360 degrees

The Cons of the Product

  • The product did last long according to a customer.


Braun Electric Razor for Men


Top Best Shaver for Black Men(2020)

The Braun series is another perfect shaver for men’s beards. It will give you that perfect look you have desired for. Let us look at the features together.

The Features of the Product

  • It gives you a flawless shave because that’s exactly what it is designed for.
  • There is an automatic responsive feature that enables the shaver to adapt to your type of face, hair, and density.
  • It can shave more hair amazingly in one stroke compared to other premium products you know.
  • There is slide-out precision associated with this awesome product which enables it to go all the way to a difficult area to reach.
  • It is 100 percent waterproofs, so you can use it wet and dry.

I personally recommend the shaver to you. As you can see if you have followed the link above, it has a current rating slightly above 500 which indicates that in no time, people will buy it in large quantities due to the discovery of its great performance.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a waterproof system with great performance that will enable you to take care of your facial hair perfectly.
  • It is designed to reach every corner of your face. This gives it the upper hand to deliver at the best level.
  • It gives clean shaves and also cuts closely.

The Cons of the Product

It looked out after working for about two weeks. This is referenced to a verified purchase.


Braun Electric Razor for Men to Shave

This Braun electric Razor of this series 7 is fantastic; it came before the previously reviewed which is series 9.

The Features of the Product

  • The shaver moves in 360 degrees to that to your facial contour making the shave smooth. It can get to reach difficult areas with ease.
  • It is designed with the auto-sense intelligence that detects your beard density and works with it perfectly. So, your dense beard will be shaved ideally for you.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 3 weeks of shaving with 5-minute fast charging.
  • It is waterproof. This can be used both in and out of the bathroom.
  • It comes with the following attachments. 4 in 1 smart care center, and beard trimmer.


This series is the best alternative to series 9 above. It will do almost the same job with you but as my research speaks, series 9 could be better. You can go for any of the two depending on your budget.

The Pros of the Product

  • It works perfectly well and this makes it a perfect machine for your facial hair.
  • It is an excellent product that brings your shaving power to reality with a good stubble look.
  • Per excellent product in terms of durability.

The Cons of the Product

  • It is a skunk (Lol) according to a verified purchase.


Select from the reviewed shavers. They are all good for your kind of face as they proved to be universal to all kinds of facial contours.  These items are the best in the market as well as the most outstanding tools for barbers and personal users.

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