14 Professional Barber Starter Kit Barbers Must Have

List Of Professional Barber Starter Kit For Saloon In 2022 And Beyond

Professional Barber Starter Kit: If you want to be a good barber or open a successful barbershop in 2022 and beyond, you need to buy the right barber tools. Any skilled hairdresser knows that the foundation of providing the best hairstyle for men starts with a pair of professional hair clippers.

Professional hairdressers’ means to do their job will directly affect the quality of their services, especially the ability to provide customers with the best hairstyles and styles they need. Whether you are an experienced hairdresser or a new hairdresser, we have compiled a complete list of hairdressing tools, equipment, and accessories.

These basic haircut tools include razors, trimmers, sterilizers, edgers, hair clippers or scissors, combs, disinfectants, razors, hairdryers, styling products, and hairdressing chairs. Although some barbers who have just entered the barbershop may have just purchased a barber or hairdressing kit, real hairdressing professionals will choose top tools from the best brands in the store. This is the best styling tool to buy for your barbershop!


1. Professional Hair Clippers


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

Professional hair clippers are essential for maintaining a good hairstyle. The best hair clippers are sturdy and durable, equipped with sharp blades and powerful motors, easy to cut all day long, and ergonomically designed and easy to grasp. Hairdressers also need to decide whether to use wired or cordless hair clippers.

We recommend that you connect a machine for busy hairdressers so that you don’t have to charge it all day. Or, you can always buy one at a time, modeled with wired and wireless connections to enjoy the best of both worlds. Top brands of professional hairdressers, clippers, and designers include Wahl, Andis, and Oster.

For example, the 5-star magic clip of Wahl Professional is one of the most popular hair clippers in the world. However, other snow beauticians have found the Oster Classic 76 to be the ideal workhorse. However, the fact is that most barbers own and change the way they use universal hair clippers. This is your budget and needs, and you can buy another one at any time in the future.

Best Hair Clippers For Men In 2022

  • Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip
  • Philips Norelco Flex and Pivot Multipurpose Trimmer


Best Hair Clippers For Women

  • Surker Women’s Cordless Hair Clipper



2. Professional Electrical Hair Trimmers


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

The best electric hair trimmers are used for shorter and finer hair and more detailed work. The main difference between a hair trimmer and a hair clipper is the size and length of the blade, which will affect the installation position and length of the hair clipper. 

A good trimmer can shave off the hard part of the comb, mix the baldness with the skin, clean the hairline and neck and style your beard. The most popular professional hair trimmer is Andis T-Outliner. If you want something more compact and lighter, check out the following;

Our Top Hair Trimmers Recommendation

  • Andis 04710 Beard/Hair Trimmer  
  • Wahl Professional Classic Hair Trimmer 
  • Wahl Professional 5 Star Retailer Hair Trimmer 



3. Professional Barber Shears And Scissors


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

Hairdressing Scissors or Scissors can be used to cut hair and beard. After the hair clipper, the professional hair scissor is the most essential tool for hairdressers. This is because the best hairdressing scissors have sharp blades, cut smoothly, and are ergonomically designed so that you can leave them for hours.

You will need two different types of scissors: for cutting and thinning. Thinning scissors are especially useful for men with very thick hair. Check out these excellent professional hairdressing scissors and shears or trimmer;

  • Professional barber haircutting scissors
  • Haircutting scissors kits
  • Professional TECTO Hair Cutting Scissors  



4. Professional Edgers


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

It is important to use high-quality edgers to cut new lines or shapes. Hairdressers need cutters that can produce very precise and super sharp lines. A car with a good reputation will not let you down.

LIMURAL Hair Trimmer for Men

Edgers Clippers for Men, Suttik New Ornate

Cordless Liners Clippers for Men Hair 




5. Hairdresser Combs


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

The hairdressing combs used by barbers are of higher quality and more durable than household combs. Professionals need fine and wide-toothed combs to control, trim and style their hair. Hairdressers need combs made of antistatic and heat-resistant materials to dry their hair. On the other hand, a whitening comb requires short to long teeth.

  • Black Carbon Fine Comb
  • One leaf 10Pcs Stylist Comb 



6. Straight Razor And Razor Holder


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

A straight razor is a traditional hairdressing tool used to shave facial and décolleté hair. It would help if you also bought a razor to sharpen, polish, and keep it in good condition. In contrast, many straight-edged razors come standard with blade kits.

  • Level 3 Straight Razor Holder (Black)
  • ZEEPK Beard Cut Throat Razor Blade



7. Professional Sterilizer Machine And Disinfectant

Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

Disinfectants keep hairdressing tools clean and hygienic. Any professional hairdressing product list requires cutting blade cleaning sprays, powerful disinfectants, and disinfection bottles to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases.

During this period, salon equipment should be disinfected regularly between customers. Disinfect everything that comes in to minimize liability. Connect with customers: From hair clippers and trimmers to scissors, combs, and chairs, it is very important to have all the tools needed for a haircut.

  • Andis Cool Care Plus Disinfectant 
  • Barbicide Disinfectant Jar For Saloons 
  • Professional UV Sterilizer Machine




8. Professional Hair Dryer


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

A professional hairdryer is a priority for salons and hairdressers. Although not all barbershops offer a full range of hairdressing services, high-end hairdressers who want to compete in popular markets also provide shampoo, conditioning, and drying services and style for your exclusive customers. Choose a high-quality hair dryer with many functions and settings to positively shape your hair.

  • Conair 1875W Pro Hair Dryer And Conditioning
  • Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dryer 




9. Barber Chairs

Best Portable Salon Barber Chairs
Best Portable Salon Barber Chairs

The Barber chair should be both practical and comfortable. As your main hairdressing equipment, professional-quality chairs should be carefully designed, equipped with hydraulic pumps, have thick padding, and match your salon decoration.

Clients are walking around in the store. Therefore, stationery options with round or square bases are most often selected. Below is the Best Barber Shop Chair list you should have in your saloon this 2022 and beyond.

Our Top 13 Best Barber Chairs In 2022 And Beyond

  • Oval Barber Chair Comfort Styling 2022
  • Funny life Hair Salon Chair Styling Heavy Duty 
  • EARTHLITE Pneumatic Massage Salon Drafting Stool
  • KKTONER Round Rolling Stool Chair




10. Barber Shop Hair Cream And Other Relevant Hair Treatment Items


Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

Men’s hair products in professional hair salons: Hairdressers can earn extra income by selling the best men’s hair products. Using the most popular men’s styling products after a haircut, hairdressers can show how a good hair spray, pomade, wax, clay, or cream can create a cool look.

With multiple settings, luminosity, scents, and textures, it can help keep an inventory of some of the best menswear brands. Most hairdressing products can be purchased in bulk from retailers. However, if you are a newbie in the hairdressing industry and start to cut your hair at home, go for less expensive hair products in the market. 




11. Barber Mirror

Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

A mirror is another important piece of equipment that is needed in the barbing saloon. This is so because a client needs to observe what the barber is doing on his or her hair. Aside from that, the mirror helps the barber to have a clear of his cutting.

There are different types of mirrors for barbers, and they can be found on Amazon. The mirror used in the barbing saloon is a concave mirror. Concave mirrors can be used to create authentic and virtual images. The concave mirror used in the barbershop can produce vertical and magnified virtual images of the customer’s face.

We usually use flat mirrors to observe ourselves, which is why they are widely used in hair and beauty salons. Using a flat mirror in a saloon can provide customers with a better view of the front and back of the hair. The mirror plane constantly forms a virtual image.

  • Kelly Miller Rectangle Mirror for Wall 
  • DEATTI Large Hand Mirror Unbreakable 




12. Standing Fan

Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

In a barbing saloon, sometimes ceiling fans are not enough to provide the required cooling. In this case, putting a good fan on the shelf can help you. If you are looking for a more portable option than a ceiling fan, the base fan is also useful.

To help you decide which base fan to buy, we have compiled a list of the best base fans. V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed ​​Dock Fan is The best home base fan in. V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed ​​Dock Fan is equipped with a powerful high-speed Dock fan. The motor speed is 2100 rpm, equipped with aerodynamically shaped blades, and the working surface is 400 mm to ensure sufficient air circulation.

It has a 45 cm base, which provides stability and drops protection. The motor is coated with a silicon steel layer to achieve the best energy consumption. V-Guard Gatimaan high-speed floor fan with timer; speed: 2100 rpm, stroke: 400 mm (black) buy Croma 120 W 400 mm base fan best base fan in India 400 mm Croma base fan made of 120 W Copper motor drive provides high performance and fast cooling.

With three blades and a piano switch, it can be used to control the fan speed. Provides quiet operation and ensures that you can fall asleep quickly. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and can be easily moved from one place to another. Has 13% off 120 height adjustable Croma vertical fan 400W, warranty two years.

Another one is pedestal fan iBELL CHROME10, and the pedestal fan is equipped with a self-lubricating 55W electric motor, which can provide high air volume. It has a large swing and a 2-hour timer. Equipped with a speed control button that allows you to choose between low speed, medium speed, and high speed. It has five high-quality blades to ensure that there is enough air for cooling.

  • PELONIS 16” Pedestal Remote Control Standing Fan
  • TaoTronics Pedestal Standing Fan




13. Barber Apron

Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

This is another important item you must have in your barbing saloon. The barber Apron is a piece of cloth that covers the customer and shields him or her from being stained by the hair particles that drop during barbing.

Also, the barber uses this material to protect himself while handling the clippers. Although there are a lot of Barbers Apron out there, it is always better to go for the most reliable and durable ones which I will mention a few of them below;

  • Professional Barber Jeans Apron for Men 
  • FaHaner 3 Pack Adjustable Barber Apron
  • Panther Black Apron For Pro Barbers 




14. Barber Hair And Clipper Brush

Professional Barber Kits For Saloon
Professional Barber Kits For Saloon

A professional barber can’t do without a hairbrush. This item is as important as the battery in our cellphones. This helps clean the customer’s face, neck, and other body parts that might have hair particles. On the other hand, the clipper brush helps you to clean your clippers after use.

They help remove everything stain and fixed hair materials, which can prolong the lifespan of your clippers. We are budgeting for your barbing salon equipment, don’t forget to include the hairbrush. Our top recommendations are the two below, and they can be purchased at Amazon online store.

Cosywell Large Hair Cutting Neck Duster Brush 

2 Pieces Men Beard Brush For Barbershop 

6 Pieces Barber Clipper Blade Brush




In conclusion, a barber saloon is a lucrative enterprise that can generate millions of dollars for owners depending on how seriously they take the business. Also, a professional barbing saloon will need all or most of these essential equipment listed above.

Are you planning on establishing a barbing saloon? If yes, we are ready to guide you with all the relevant knowledge and information needed to set up a profitable barbing salon in 2022 and beyond. For more information or inquiries, contact us or drop a comment on this page. Thank you for reading!


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